Wyze Plug Badge

I just noticed that I do not have the Wyze Plug badge, even though I own 4 of the plugs that have a grey key printed on the back. Yes, the plugs that won’t stay connected properly for more than several days at best.

This isn’t a huge deal, but is something worth noting. Check your badges from within the app by going to Account | Account | Badges

Did you buy the plug during pre order, or when they went into production? From what I understand you only get badges when you purchase during pre order.

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Ah, that’s it then. I bought them after they went into production. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

No problem!

You could try removing one of the plugs and re-adding it, it may goose the plug. But there are other posts about the Plug badge not showing up for some.

You should (are supposed to) get the Digital badges in the app regardless of when purchased, but the gamification process behind this is all wonky.

You used to get an “I backed boarder” for pre-orders on the digital badge, and stickers.
If a connectable IoT device, a badge should show. There are some discrepancies at the moment… i.e. the Safe.

My very light charge :wink:

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I can guarantee this doesn’t fix the missing badge issue. Due to the currently known issues with the 2021 plugs, I have already stepped through that many times. Sometimes reusing the same name and other times not. Some times deleting the device from the app first, other times not.

Wouldn’t it be something if this silly badge issue is somehow related to the plugs going wonky?

:+1: LOL, for sure.

Are the 2021 versions the only plug you have? Looking at the other threads, this may just be with the 2021 version not unlocking the badge.

Oddly enough… on my 2021 plug(s) it stopped disconnecting after I set a Rule on it. I mentioned it in the Beta thread. but I haven’t had a disconnect of the 2021 plug on the current FW since I set a rule. Could be coincidence and something happened on the backend. But Where it was disconnected every other day, it has not disconnected since setting up the rule. Over a week now.

Yes, they are the only version that I own.

I have read at least one other post that mentioned the same thing. I’m not sure if you were the OP or not. In any case, I do have local schedules setup on several of the plugs, but they still go offline. Fortunately the local schedule continues to run. I’ll give the rules some more thought.

Thanks for your insight.

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I did not preorder mine but after I connected them on My account everything I have has a badge attached in the account even items I did not get from WYZE

It sounds like maybe I should call support then?

You could, I have talked to a few that have gotten these resolved with the connectable devices. I have put a coupe of low priority tickets in for badges for the non-connectable badges but, I don’t think there is an overall solution for those yet.

I have actually passed this info and thread (and a few others I found in regards to the V2 plugs) along to WyzeJimmy in discord, including the Safe badge not unlocking. Jimmy is very good at getting items escalated. Of course these are of a non-critical issue, but I am sure it is on the list :wink:

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Sounds good, I’ll just roll with it for now and hope that one day in the next few months my badge appears. If I don’t have it by July I’ll contact support.


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Same exact problem here… all of my PLUGS go offline randomly ALL OF THE TIME! I have to reset and re-connect them. Getting sick of it. I NEVER had one problem with any of my TP-Link plugs on the same home network that I have the Wyze Plugs on.