Event Number Count on Wyze Shortcut

I deleted all events listed in the App. however the number of Events recorded still shows on the Wyze Shortcut.
How do you clear the number showing on the shortcut?

Are you referring to the Wyze app icon on your phone’s home screen?

iPhone or Android?

Yes that is correct. Wyze App executable icon on my screen. Still show as 10 events as of this morning.

Hmmm, must be Andtoid. I’ve never once seen a Wyze app red badge count on my iPad. Different behavior for IOS vs. Android? If so I wonder why. :thinking:

Yes, iOS app doesn’t support the red item badge. There’s a #roadmap post for that which you can hop over and vote for:

I don’t know Android, so I’ll have to leave it to others to jump in with advise on that.


Yikes, just hopped over to Roadmap and … I’d not only voted already, but also posted a reply complete with screen grab! Scary …