Ever since Wyze updated to "unlimited" I do not get Push notices

is it just me? but I never see a numerical # on upper right corner of the App Icon for any new events. Nor do I get any push notices. Only way to see of any new events is to open app and hit events. I am Samsung s23

I am not seeing that issue at all. I am currently running the Following:

Wyze Android App:
Device: Samsung S21+

Screenshot_20240524_151044_One UI Home

I will check on my Pixel 8 as well shortly


Just looked it up and on Android devices this is not an option without installing a 3rd party app. Samsung must have it built in. My Pixel 8 only shows a DOT at the top right and not the count.

Thanks…but I am confused. You say you are able to see the tag #s on your Samsung S21+
Are you stating that your NOT Android? (like your maybe I-Phone) If so then this makes sense as to maybe why I am not seeing this as an “Android”.
So weird that this is an issue with something going on with Android? I wonder if this can be fixed by Wyze Guru’s? And what is your recomendation for a “3rd Party App”

What I am saying is this:

  • Samsung S21+ shows the Notifications tags as a count, shown in the image I provided above. Image was cropped from my Samsung Phone.

  • Pixel 8 Shows only the Notification DOT and does not show a notification count.

I did some research and found that on Android devices, the count is not the norm and will possibly need a third party app to display it for you. Samsung with One UI has it built in, I guess.

I am an Android User and have an iPhone for testing as well. But since you use Android, I validated on those devices The Issue appears to not be an Wyze Issue but rather an Android Issue.

If you are not getting notifications anymore, check your camera settings. Some people who are using the new monitoring tab to “arm” or “Disarm” their cameras are finding that when they “Disarm” the cameras that it is turning off their camera notifications and not getting notifications anymore. This would explain why you said that you are not getting notification count on the icon, because notifications got turned off.

If you are getting notifications still, but just not getting the notification count on the app icon, then it is a setting in your Samsung UI to turn that back on again.

None of these are the issue. My monitering is working and “HOME” is toggeled. I suspect, as someone said it is a issue with Android phones. FWIW I get MANY tags (numerical #s) on all my apps now.
Like FB, Email, IG, etc, and other alarms just not for the Wyze app

To clarify, the notification App badges are decided by the specific “Launcher” a person uses on Android. For example, the Default Launcher that comes on all Samsung Phones (One UI Home) supports a count of notifications as the app icon badge on the top right which is what you are talking about, but the Pixel Launcher does not (Pixel only displays a little circle instead of a number count). Some other custom launchers support a count badge and some other custom launchers do not. Since you have a Samsung Phone, the App icon notification Badge count feature is controlled by the default Samsung “One UI Home” launcher that comes with their phones.

If this feature stopped working for you on a single app, then you will need to check some settings, either the notification settings for that app, or the Samsung One UI Home Notification settings in the phone.

Wyze has not specifically disabled this as pointed out above by someone else who is currently still getting the notification count badges with the Samsung One UI Launcher (honestly, I don’t think they really have any control over it…it’s managed by the launcher).
My older android Samsung is also still getting numerical notification badges, and my other android phones using other launchers are still getting notification badges. And yes, I and the other user above both have Unlimited too, and we are still getting the App badges. So it hasn’t been purposely disabled by Wyze, and it didn’t stop working with our Unlimited plan either. This is why I suggested checking other settings to see if we can get it working for you again.

Sometimes you can get to them by long pressing the app icon and selecting something like App Info and then notifications. Or you might be able to long press a Wyze notification the next time you have one and edit the settings there. Or you might be able to slowly slightly swipe left or right on a Wyze notification until you see a gear icon that you can select. Another thing you can check is to pull down the notification shade, click on the gear icon to open up phone settings and search for something like “Notification” or “Badge” or “Badges” in the settings and you should then see the phone settings related to that feature. If your phone supports selecting which apps count badges and which don’t, you may have to go turn it on for the Wyze app specifically.

I hope some of that gives you an idea of where to find those settings. :+1:

I have gone thru ALL of what you say to do. Even went thru all the ONE UI Home categories


All is toggled accurately. Badges as a number etc

FWIW I am getting icon badge numbers already on many apps, just not wyze.

That is weird. I’m sorry it’s not working for you :frowning:

I agree that it is strange that it’s only not happening for this one app for you.

I’ll keep an eye out for other reports of this too.

Yes, as you can see, I am not having issues with tags on all other Apps

There were mentions from others RE: Rules. I do have One rule. It is a rule that all inside cams from 7am to Midnight, stop event recordings while we are roaming around during the day. My outside 4 Cams do run 24/7. I deleted this rule last week just to see if this was interferring with getting badges. But it didnt help.
One is a OG cam whereas the other 3 use the Wyze Base Station wireless unit

I also switched to cam+ unlimited 2 months ago, and since then do not get notifications from wyze. I have a samsung s23 fe phone. I have been in contact with Wyze constantly during this time, with no help in sight. The “wizards” keep elevating the issue internally, and then I do not hear back. I must have 6 or 7 tickets out for this issue. Absolutely no feedback from wyze. I have to initialize all correspondence with them, and then it gets elevated, again, and again, and again. Probably the worst customer service ever.

I am glad (In some way) to see this now happening to you because I thought I was the only one with this issue. I have submitted logs as well. There reply is they are very busy. It will be a good day when this can be resolved for us! Maybe this is an issue with only Samsung S23?

Possibly, but I had the same phone before going to cam+ unlimited. I had 2 doorbell cameras on cam+, and 9 cameras that were not. Everything worked just fine. After bundling all together on cam+ unlimited, my problems started.

Support sent me pictures of there S23 after Unlimited was released, and they did not have this issue. Even showed a screen shot of the tags showing on the Icon. But they were not using same carrier? I think you can own a S23 with any brand? Not sure. I am Android using Verizon Mobile FWIW

There are 3 versions of Samsung Galaxy Sxx series of phones; domestic locked, domestic unlocked and international version. With the unlocked version, it will work with any carrier as long as the carrier supports one or more of Sxx bands.

So, if you manually turn notifications back on in the settings, you still don’t get any notifications? What model cameras is this happening with?

I ask because I recently had a Floodlight Pro that I had to reset to factory settings and set it up again to get AI detections to work properly again.

I have already reset all cams. All cams have notifications toggeld on. Under Apps in my cell, Wyze App has all notifications enabled as well.
I have 9 cams of different types. ALL are not displaying Icon tags. I get zero notifications of any type. Quite disturbing as the only way I can “see” an
event is to open app and hit events. And all are there to see. Missing these notifications is no fun as the only way as I said is to open to see “events”

3 EA Outdoor V1 using wireless base station
2 EA OG Cams
4 EA V4 cams

(8) V3’s, (1) Pan V3, (2) Doorbell