Notifications recently stopped

Hello, I’ve noticed the last couple days that I am no longer getting ANY Wyze Notifications. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. I have checked that the app has all permissions and that Wyze notifications are enabled. Furthermore, all the notification options within the Wyze App are set to ON. This is a big issue for me. All functions within the app work fine, but I don’t get any notifications (not even when the doorbell is pressed!)! If any one has any hints, that’d be great.

Welcome to the forums! Do you get any event videos in the event tab? Should you be getting notifications for sensors also but arnt? Does the bell on the top corner of the app have a Zz next to it? In the app settings in your devices OS, are notifications enabled? We’ll start with this. What app version are you using?

Yes. There are events there from all the ‘testing’ I’ve done. also no, the notification bell is not disabled. The app setting are on, including push notifications and ‘Ignore Do Not Disturb’. App Version is 2.19.15