Only get one notice of activity?

I have IPHONE 8, when I get notice of activity, there are 3 or 4 on the screen, but when I access the playback of the first activity, I dont have any more alerts shown…where did they go? I have the plus, and do the subscription and also have sd card installed. I can see 4 instances of motion, etc. listed on the screen, but I can only pick one to read…the others disappear when I view one.

Have you gone into the events section in the wyze app to see the different events you are being notified about?

I don’t use iOS, so it may or may not be the same behavior.

When I get Push Notifications on my phone that show up in my Notification Banner they will stack one on top of the last, if I click on any one of those it opens the Wyze App automatically to that event video in the Events Tab.

When the Wyze App opens, it automatically clears all current Wyze Notifications from my Active Notifications Banner and removes the Notification Dot. If I want to see those Notifications, I have to use the Notifications History to see what they were. I don’t know of any way of stopping the app from clearing active notifications when the app opens. Even if I were to open the app from the icon instead of from a notification, it still clears all active notifications when the app opens.

The Event Videos are still there in the Events Tab list though. Make sure you don’t have any filters set in your events tab that may be hiding Events.

Thank you for the help…most appreciated. I had 4 events showing when I got up this morning…as you mentioned, whenever I view any of the four, the remaining are deleted? I am on IPHONE 8, and with the Wyze ap, I do not see an option for “NOTIFICATION HISTORY” on my wyze ap. If I can find some history file, then this might be a solution. I am using Camera 3 with record to SD card, and also have the $1.99 option, and the PLUS. See anything I’m missing?

Camera is Ver 3, with plus, sd card and $1.99 cloud option. I have IPHONE 8, don’t see the option to view events…can you direct. Thanks again…most helpful.

For Android, this is an Android OS feature not a Wyze App feature… Although it would be an awesome feature for Wyze to develop!

Hoping some iOS gurus can chime in with how iOS handles that.

If iOS notifications act in the same way on Android, I’m don’t think you are missing anything.

Thanks…I was thinking maybe it is a problem with the IPHONE OS…possible views event as one activity, and so accessing one and viewing deletes others?

The OS for my IPHONE 8 is 16.1.2

It is an OS function for me. But, it happens across all apps. It isn’t based on Events. Whenever an app is opened, all active notifications for that app, no matter how many there are or how old, they are all cleared.

Personally, I prefer Notifications to be this way. Even if I have several Notifications on my unlock screen, I go Wyze App Event videos and filter what I want to see. Sometimes Person only and other times all motion.

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I think the answer is in the IOS 16…seems more a problem with the nature of the IPHONE handling notifications…

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Thank you …

Do you view your events using the Events tab at the bottom of the home page, or using View Playback from the SD card?

I tried both…I usually view via the events tab…but I only get to see one event out of maybe 5

The phone Active Notifications should clear, but the Events Tab should not. All Event Videos/Thumbnails should be there for 14 days.

Have you reviewed your Events Tab Filter settings (funnel icon in the top right) to insure you don’t have filters set that may be hiding some of the events? If you click Clear All it should show every event for every cam.

You might also try going into the Accounts tab at the bottom of the App. Go into App Settings and clear the App Cache.

That is exactly how iOS handles notifications as well. However, if you slide down from the top center of the Home screen you can view all notifications that you haven’t clicked on.

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Thanks…I"l take a look

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