2.42 app Beta Test 5/1/2023

Beta app broke smart Vision for cam plus users. The menu item is there, but no cams appear to set up new.


Fully understand this and assume Agile project management is used to determine which ones are to be worked on first. 80% done is better than 0% IMHO.

So far, the 4-up camera monitoring is pretty cool. It does not seem like the screensaver/auto-off will turn off the device, I can actually re-purpose my out of use iPad to be wall mounted now as a camera monitor. If we are going to use it this way, then there should be a way to view more than 4 cameras at a time, or flip between groups of 4 cameras (eg if you have 6 cameras, either 4 in first group, 2 in second group, or 3 in each group).

On my iPad (2022) iOS 16.41 Latest Beta build.
Log ID: 1027615
Full Screen Landscape mode’s image is not centered vertically. V3 camera.
Tried restarting app, restarting iPad,

Got it, thanks

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If you’ve more than 4 cameras in a group, you can swipe left/right to view the next/prior group, This has been true for quite some time for landscape on iPads/iPhones. It was the top-level landscape that was missing.

There are some issues (since it’s beta, that’s OK), from the group:

  1. clicking into a camera get’s full-screen landscape (good), but the out-of-full-screen control, throws it back into portrait mode.
  2. the resolution control, when clicked, seems to just hide, without changing the resolution, but I think this is low-priority (how often do we change resolution after all)

Perhaps you meant, automatic rotation through 4-at-a-time views? That’d be sort of cool, I guess, if it were optional. An option for up to 9-at-a-time (3x3) is available in other camera systems and apps, tablets are big enough that the 3x3 thumbnails are still very useful.

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Did we lose the Account > Notifications > App Discovery settings with this beta release?

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I think we did. Not seeing them on iOS either. That means there’s no way to toggle event report updates or other app discovery updates. I haven’t gotten either forever, but I do get random suggested rules every time I open the app…

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@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy @WyzeDesmond

I am having some rule issues, turns out that the rule does not seem to be executing all of the steps in the action and does not report it as failed or shows up in the history.

Here is an image of what I am seeing:

The Rule Day Mode - GD Closed arrows pointing to it, has 3 actions:

  1. Turn off strip lights
  2. Turn off Notifier Bulb 1
  3. Turn off Notifier Bulb 2

As you can see, there are times where the Color bulbs (Notifier 1 and 2) don’t turn off. when I go into the history I see what is shown above, no errors or failures, but only the strip light shows in one case and all show in the second case. I am having the same issues with my Driveway and porch bulbs, also Color Bulbs.

It should be noted that my rules have been in place for years and has been running without issues. I have only noticed this since installing the beta app, but cannot determine how or why.

Here is the information on what I have:

Android App Version: 2.42.0 (b283)
App Log: 1029915
Color Bulb FW:
Color Bulbs are Grouped with Group called: Notify Bulbs

And here is a copy of my rule


Still no dark mode?

Baby steps, baby steps. It took Wyze five years to get some of this working, give it another five for the dark mode :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Kidding aside, I’m happy the landscape mode has been introduced. I just hope it will get ironed out so it works properly before it goes into production.

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It was never there. You had to turn the iPad in portrait mode to be able to back away from group view.

Good step in a right direction. I like the home screen on iPad, not trying it on iPhone as I don’t want to break any settings yet. That’s the only device I use for notifications, iPad is only for live viewing.

@Seapup Group view on iPad is fine, nothing cuts off. Looks like your bottom screen.

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Android Bet App 2.42.0.b283

Event Filters Operations

When filtering for Events on one cam, multiple cams, or all cams, when Person, Pet, Vehicle, or Package are engaged as active filters, selecting the Motion Quick Filter button or using the Funnel Icon to additionally select Motion Events returns No Motion Event Videos in the Events list. The display list is still filtered only for the AI types selected, no Motion Only Events.

The only way to see the motion events is to use the Clear All and again select for the cam or cams in question.

Can anyone else duplicate this?

Unable to duplicate, but not because of what you are describing. Granted, I seldom use events (so I likely don’t know what I’m doing), but I can’t find any way to set different types of event filtering, nor do I know what you mean by the “Motion Quick Filter button” - or is that the button labeled “Motion”?
Yes, I have CamPlus on every camera. Every camera is set for Person, Pet, and Vehicle on the Device Notifications page, and on the Smart Detections page.

There are two ways to set filters for Events shown in the app.

The first is to select the “Quick Filter” buttons at the top of the page for “Person” “Vehicle” “Pet” etc. Person, Motion, and Cameras is the default unless another AI is selected in the full menu, then they appear.

The second is to upen the full list of filtering options (funnel icon) and checking the selections to filter for those devices and event types.

I don’t see those options:

And the funnel lets you select camera groups and camera.

I must be missing something…

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If you scroll down once tapping the funnel there are AI options

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I am unable to replicate this issue on IOS.

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Well damn. I have 10 camera groups and about 40 cameras - I have never scrolled down far enough to see that there was more options!

With that discovery, I can try to duplicate. With Motion NOT selected, I see the one Motion only event. But if I select Motion, that event disappears. Seems backwards to me…


And there is so much more down there if you are recording sound events. Just wish they had an Automation filter… a topic for another thread.

Exactly! Thanks for the confirmation.

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