Notifications - App Discovery - option to it shutoff

Was just informed by another Community Volunteer that the App Discovery time period has been updated.

Never is now an option!


As pointed out by @SlabSlayer we have added an option for ‘Never’. If you are not seeing it make sure your app is up to date, if it is then force close and restart the app.


That’s just Spiffy!! My thanks to the developers.


Please remember the “option” to update the app is a no go for some of us running orphaned hardware.
I’ve a 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (screen size), which for some reason they put a slightly different video driver on.
Wyze updated the app a couple of years ago and I had to go back to V2.22.21 or buy another $300 device,
Not in the budget.
So I limp along and only run the newest versions on 1 device with only a 6" screen,

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