Stop trying to sell things in the APP

Extremely tired of waiting for ads, tips and tricks and new stuff for sale to load in the APP while I’m trying to use the app. Please stop. Send tips and tricks and new products in an email. Let the app be an app, maybe it would actually run better.


Turn off App > Account > Notifications > In-app Notifications


Thank you, anyway to get rid of widget tutorial? Thanks again

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I believe you are referring to this

If so you should be able to swipe to the left and expose the exit button.

Then you can close it


Any way to permanently turn it off???


I believe this can be achieved by going to Account>Notifications>App Discovery

Then setting the frequency to never.


I don’t have App Discovery in the Android app, 2.40.0 (192) or the iOS app 2.40.0 (15).

I have; Account > Notifications >

  • In-app Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Text Notifications
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Interesting. I wonder why App Discovery doesn’t show up for you. I’m on iOS app 2.40.0 (15):

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I have App Discovery Frequency set to Never. Still getting Rule Suggestions on both Android and IOS Wyze Home Screen.

Mine also popped back up after setting to never.

Will raise this to the volunteer team.


Same happened to me

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Happening again, I turned off every possible notification and setting. Obviously something WYZE is doing just stop it.

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I have all Wyze In-app Notifications turned off and I still get this ad.


Also. First time. Today.


And again. This time I actually said ‘no thanks.’ Yesterday I just hit the back button.


How do you turn off cards?

I would like to select never.

I believe that happens monthly or in an interval you select. I believe you can turn it off in the Account > Notifications > App Discovery.

Set the Frequency to never

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