New App Interface

Anyone have a way to hide the massive banners that are stuck at the top of the Android app screen? It’s become super intrusive and dare I say very “Amazon-esque”.


Nope…our guys just deal with it no problem from our employees

I only see this for a second then it goes back to the original design

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Persistent on my end, both Android and iOS. Sometimes I will launch the app and it wont be there, if I swipe to refresh, it pops back up.

Wyze Version
iOS - 2.27.11 (5)
Android - 2.27.14


odd, I’m on Android 2.27.14 and the banner is gone


oh, my mistake…I didn’t know they moved the banner to the rules section, I didn’t see it cuz I have several rules & had to swipe over to see what you’re referring to.

still, much better than the original layout!

It’s not so bad if you have/use shortcuts because the shortcuts are already consuming the space…
but, the banner really is a space killer if you have a multitude of devices.

For new users/customers a good way to showcase, but I would be much more appreciative if an on/off toggle came along with it :wink:


true, but that space has always been wasted if u have no rules, as shown by my previous screenshot. It would be nice to eliminate that space if you have no rules, or even hide that section even if u do have rules…I never use those shortcuts anyways on the app


Same. I have shortcuts at the top. If you swipe the shortcuts to the left, you will see the banners or the Try Rules.

I had no idea on the swiping it over. those are my least used shortcuts. thanks for the tips. I was seeing the squares right when I opened the app, just for a second then it showed like it normally does up there. interesting.

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I updated my app last night to ver. 2.27.16 (android beta software) and the “try rules” annoyance as well as the submit log button are still there. I hate opening the app because its the 1st thing I see. C’mon Wyze get it together already.

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Actually had to turn off the “submit log button” within the app. It might have come back on when the Try Rules was added to the app.

Mine did not come back on, but I belive that’s only for beta users?

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I think your right about that. I am on the beta app.

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Yes, I started getting this with the last update. HOW does one get rid of that? It is very annoying.

So, how does one get off of the beta app…

Android: you can go to the same page you entered the program at and click on the “Leave the program” link. Then you will only see the official Wyze app in the Google Play Store.

iPhone: Uninstall Wyze Beta and re-install from the Apple App Store rather than test flight.

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Thanks for all the replies. I notice that I am apparently not on their Beta APP. When I look at “Beta Program” setting, it has the “Get Started” button.
So, what now folks?

Is your app called “WyzeBeta”?