Make the UI stop jumping around

Every time I open the Wyze app on Android, I’m getting ready to tap one of my cameras or groups and then the UI jumps around because it adds a bunch more junk at the top (add rules! try this new feature! buy cam plus!)

The golden rule of UI design is that you don’t make elements jump around that the user interacts with! If you want to add shortcuts to the top, leave room for that when you first draw the UI so that the cameras don’t move right when I’m trying to tap on one.

Better yet, give us the ability to get rid of all that junk. I don’t use rules and don’t need to know about these features every time I open the app. Please just give me as much screen real estate as possible to view my cameras!

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What App version are you running?

What used to make the app do this was when it was loading the App Discovery tips at the top of the Home Screen with the Device List. This was a setting that could be turned off in the App Notifications settings. But it doesn’t seem to be there anymore in the Android Production App. Do you have a screenshot of what is making it do this?

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And what device are you using where you are see this?

No. I see this too on the latest version of the app that dropped last week. Its very very fast for me so it doesn’t bother me (maybe 500ms or so) but the UI does jump around as that section loads. Still a thing.

Older/slower devices could potentially load it slow enough to be an issue.

I do not experience it and I am on the latest Android Production App. What’s causing the jump? I don’t have any “Rule Tips” or “Insights” loading. I shut them down several App Versions back when I selected “Never” for the App Discovery setting in the Notifications settings. Now, that setting is gone for me. Are the App Discovery tiles still loading on the right limit of the Shortcut Rules Toolbar? Does anyone else still see an App Discovery setting in the Notifications settings to turn it off?

no app discovery for me. :slight_smile:

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Turning off in app notifications and x of the banner (only shows … edit rules) drops it to about 100ms of UI movement on cold app start. Looks like no movement there otherwise.

Definitely an improvement there.

Might help to make sure the phone doesn’t kill the app too.

These are all workarounds though.

I have in app notifications on. I don’t get any “banners” to “x” so I am still confused as to what banners are being "x"d. Did they leave the App Discovery in there and just remove the ability to turn it off for those that hadn’t previously silenced it? Did they mean to remove the controls or was this just an unfortunate oversight? Are we looking at a bug, an accidental omission, or something Wyze did on purpose?

It doesn’t jump around on iOS, but it is exceedingly irritating to be constantly bombarded by advertising. Even the doorbell notifications - leading with “complete motion detected” when NOT subscribed to camplus is nothing more than advertising since there is no “complete” motion detection - it’s just the basic 12 sec of motion detection. The constant reminder doesn’t make me want to pay for camplus, it makes want to pay more for a brand that doesn’t constantly advertise at every turn.

Devices jump around on home screen, inefficient screen usage

When loading the app, device position jumps down if the events section shows up. This is bad design, and causes mis-taps on the wrong device. The app is already fairly slow to load, so this doesn’t help reduce the time to do what I’m trying to do. Nothing tappable should move position once it’s loaded.

Also, about 15% of home screen is wasted on “Edit Rules”. I have never configured rules from here, but from a specific device’s configuration page.

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What “Events Section” is loading in your home screen?

I experienced that previously. However I have come to accept that it was my phone and not the app. I recently upgraded from Android 11 on a 2020 Moto to Android 13 on a 2023 Moto with significantly more RAM. The app is instantaneous for me now. It loads about as fast as I can click.

The top bar of the Home screen is a fixed banner that will contain your Shortcut Rules should you choose to create any. Wyze also uses this area, usually to the right of any Shortcut Rule icons, for their App Discovery and “Try Rules” cards. But for my Android, the “Edit Rules” doesn’t show up until I select the Plus + sign in the upper right and then it displays at the bottom of the screen to select what I want to edit.

Sometimes a “check out the event report” banner is inserted between the shortcut bar and the device list. They are all in the same foreground layer, so the device list gets pushed down (“jumps around”).

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I never seen that in any app version on my device(s). Wonder why it would only populate on some devices? Is that part of their App Discovery feature?

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I think so. Maybe App Discovery > Insights > Event Reports?

If so, it can be toggled off. I think Home > Account > Notifications > App Discovery > Insights > Event Reports toggle off and Discover Tips > Frequency set to “Never” was pushed out to the production app in March. If so, the combination of these two settings should satisfy this wishlist topic.

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I believe that may be the case. I shut mine down back when that first came out in March and the “Tips” started appearing. I probably shut down the Insights Event Reports before I got the chance to see one.

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Just got one of those Event Report banners. I tapped on it and it said there’s nothing new to see. :joy:

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Oh yeah. Bad placement. Disruptive to the standard layout. So glad I have my mine disabled.