Wyze app home screen bug: banner appears which causes user to tap the wrong button ("cumulative layout shift")

The Wyze app home screen is affected by a “cumulative layout shift” bug which is very annoying.

When you open the Wyze app and want to click into your top camera group, suddenly an annoying Wyze advertisement banner appears in place of the camera group button, so you end up clicking the advert banner instead:

This is very annoying and is a hallmark of poor UX design.

P.S. Wyze, with the other usability improvements I have suggested to your app, I am available for hire as a UX consultant at very reasonable rates!

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Amen! Highly annoying.

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It’s not a bug and it’s not an advertisement. Wyze added a feature called “App Discovery”. The control settings are located at Wyze app Home > Account > Notifications > App Discovery. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the feature, only extend the display frequency to a max of monthly. Please vote for this wishlist topic:

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Voted, thanks.

I still think it should be classed as a bug because of the layout shift issue though.

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Forgot to mention… Wyze Careers. :+1:

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I dismissed them all and the layout is the same.

Strange, this never happened on my Pixel 6 pro, just on a tablet I use to monitor 4 cameras at a time…