Please get rid of discover

I’m a new customer and loving the camera so far. But the app experience is not going well. Please scrap the social aspect of the app!


By “social aspect”, do you mean the Discover button? There’s a pretty easy solution… just don’t tap that button.


That’s not a solution.


I had a similar reaction here: Wyze App v2.0 Launched! - #50 by matthew

I honestly don’t understand why that is not a solution. If you don’t tap the button, then the feature doesn’t affect you in any way. So essentially you are complaining that there’s a little bit of space taken up by the button? Is that it?

While you may not use the Discover section (and neither do I), there are definitely people who like and use that feature.

Edit: To clarify, my opinions expressed here are me speaking as a regular user, not as a Wyze moderator and not stating any Wyze Labs official position.


You not understanding how that is not a solution doesn’t make it a solution. Your idea of a solution is to ignore the problem.


Okay. Just trying to understand why you consider it a problem and how it is affecting you.


I don’t see it as a problem. If app improvements are made and that space is needed for new features I’m sure it could be moved to another area. The benefit of it is seeing how others use their camera and get ideas from their application. My $.02


What you are saying is equivalent to me saying “well, I never use the AutoSum function in Excel, so therefore it should be removed”. OK, I really do use the AutoSum function in Excel, but it was a convenient example.


I’d like to understand why you consider the “social aspect” of the app a problem.


Exactly, what is the problem you are having?

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Hi, everyone!

Sorry for my delay here. RickO let me know that someone from Wyze needed to come see this feedback and closed the thread so that it didn’t spiral in my absence.

@Shortcake33, I agree that not tapping the button isn’t a solution. But I also would like to know more about how the Discover tab is affecting you. We are open to feedback and while we may not enact everything that people ask for we definitely want the opportunity to consider it or if there are ways we can make compromise improvements.


Perhaps I can help - on my android, in vertical format, the “stupid buttons” (Discover, shop, etc.) get hit by my fingers by accident when I try to close the app or hit the phone’s home button. The app’s home tab is really good way left- and event tab being located slightly left center therefor it gets hit accidentally less often - but the discover is placed right where I hit it the most accidentally. I believe the original poster said, and I agree, that if I’m going look for posted videos OR shop - I know how and where to go to do that, or it could be stashed neatly into a “more” area and you could even flag that more tab when new social junk is added . I don’t need extra space-taking stuff, that I won’t be using anyway, added to the app right where android user buttons are located.


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll share this with the team. If anyone else has anything they want to add or if they want to add support for that explanation, please chime in! :slight_smile:

Chiming in :wind_chime: @WyzeGwendolyn, I highly agree with @JoePadlock’s comment and hope you will act on it, not just “consider” it. Thanks.


That’s great feedback. Sounds like any button (even a more useful one) in that position would be causing issues for you on Android. I’m only on iOS and there’s really nothing else to hit along the bottom, so it isn’t an issue in that OS. Good to know.


I’m on iOS and I think the only time I’ve opened “Discover” is by accident when I’ve fat fingered the screen. Unfortunately, this happens frequently, and when it does I notice the same videos. Which makes me think they’ve front and centered a section that takes resources to maintain. Resources that are desperately needed resolving issues. Just like the resources that wrote the code to put Discover front and center should have been resolving issues instead or beta testing. So, to me, it’s a constant reminder of mis-allocated resources. :2cents:


I’m on Android and I’ve never had an issue fat-fingering any of the tabs at the bottom. But since Android devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (and varying degrees of touchscreen accuracy) I can see how that would happen. As RickO mentioned it’s a valid concern for anything that’s placed along the bottom and should be considered by the UI design team.

I too have little use for the Discover or Shop tabs, though I understand why they’re there. If the Discover tab had more than just a few user videos it might be more useful, but I can’t think of any compelling content I’d like to see there at the moment.