Notification Sound Survey - 5/24/23

Hello friends, I know some of you had some strong opinions of our notification sound change a few weeks ago. Here is a survey from our Technical Product Manager Roy.

Hey folks! We’re thrilled to offer you more Wyze notification sounds, but we can’t decide without your help. Please take a moment to vote for the most appealing options.


I listened to the six options and submitted a favorite. But, to be completely honest, I have been using a different notification sound for 3 years. I just downloaded a clip of Groot and set that up in the Notification setting of the app in my Android phone.

I did that when I was beta testing and had multiple beta app versions installed and needed to know which app wanted my attention.


iPadOS here … Just voted for #6 primarily because it’s the shortest in duration. Quite often I have several notifications stacked up one after another and the longer notifications are just too much. Fwiw, my just voted for #1. ¯(ツ)/¯

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I voted for #6 as well for the same reason BUT my main concern is whether it would be loud enough.

Is it possible for Wyze to use one of the sounds posted on this thread, or at least something similar to it?

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I think they have to be VERY careful to make sure to pick a sound that won’t risk litigation from another entity.

I also picked number 6 out of the group. I personally would like to have multiple options though.


Why not add all of these options to let the user choose? No matter what sound is selected, not everyone will like it…

How about adding as many options as you can and leave it up to the user…

I chose #6 because it was the shortest but also just one simple sound.

Also when I clicked on the link for each individual sound it opened a new tab and I couldn’t listen to the sound on that tab so I had to listen to it on the Google drive app.

So I would tap on the link, it’d open a new tab, and on the bottom it would say " you can open this link in Drive" meaning the Google drive app and id listen to it on their and then go back and forth. Hopefully in the future this is made a bit simpler, anyway I’m glad Wyze is finally adding new notification sounds.

Android users can already choose separate sounds, but this would be mainly for IOS users.

I would also like to make a quick plug if Wyze could please add the back swipe gesture to the iOS wyze app!

Seeing that the IOS app is finally getting dark mode, different notification sounds. The back swipe gesture would be the chery on the top!!!

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If I were forced at gunpoint, dangling from a cliff over a pit of rabid alligators, to use one of those, I would also pick 6. But, I won’t use it. I am well over 50 custom tones for my Wyze Notifications already.


I feel the list of sounds are mostly tweaked versions of the original Woody Woodpecker. Most likely it was already paid for and so they are trying to use variations of it. But unfortunately not everyone likes the sound…

Something short and moderately loud would be great, Wyze!


Why force a sound on everyone? How about just providing the steps for both Android and iOS users to change the sound ourselves? I’m using the red alert alarm from the original Star Trek TV series and despise the fact that Wyze changed the sound without providing us the option of using it or not.

Android always had the ability to change the sound natively for any app. I’ve always used my own sound. From what I understand this ability is limited on iOS.