Is there a Goldilocks notification sound for everyone?

Not too loud.
Not too long.
Not too quiet.
Not too short.

What alternative notification sound do/would you use for your Wyze app?

If people can reply with the notification sound they like/use, and others can “like” the sound that works for them, hopefully this can be an informal “focus group” for Wyze. Then next time when Wyze decides to update their notification sound they can pick the ones with the most likes and at least make something similar.


I’m using Android, so I can create and use any audio clip for a notification sound. Android also allows tailored notifications per device, not account. That said, my primary at home is not suitable for posting as it is a clip of my ex psychotically screaming obscenities… an hourly reminder of why she’s an ex. :grin:


You use that sound for the middle of the night? :upside_down_face:

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Yep. It’s on an array of tablets in my home office used for monitoring. I don’t sleep with a phone or tablet as I don’t care to hear from anyone (I’m retired). I also only take a phone with me outside if expecting a call. Emergency wake-the-dead scenarios (HMS, leak sensors, etc.) are handled by ear-piercing sirens connected to Wyze Plugs triggered by rules.


Some sounds from Android 6 disappeared with version 10, so I brung 'em into the future with me, manually.

This is my core group:



Ceti Alpha



I used to use one of them for the Wyze tone before the

New one

displaced it.

Can you guess which? :slight_smile:

Adara   :point_left:


Personally I like this one the most.

Ceti Alpha reminds me of light saber:

I think I downloaded this from some sound effects CD, not sure where…


Lol, that light saber’s a doozy! Ceti’s the only one I’ve had others complain about (what is that??) but it sounds only occasionally for something I don’t want to miss.

I agree about Talitha. It’s for my main email account and I hear it a lot. :slight_smile:

I don’t use Wyze cams for critical security so a subtle one works for me. I don’t mind if I miss it.

+1 on the topic, brother. Another good one. :+1:

Since I’m an iOS user, I’m really doing this for myself, so I can hopefully have a better selection of notification sounds from Wyze in the future.
Did I say I was a brother? :thinking:

How about this one? I just looked through my folder of random sounds I collected over the years. See if anyone recognizes it. It can be one of the non-subtle sounds:

I don’t know. What do you prefer? :slight_smile:

Don’t recognize it. Is it famous?

How about this opening riff?

Hint: Domicile bound

Uh… I dunno. Something neutral?

Let’s just say, some years ago I walked into the company cafeteria and had a weird feeling in about 5 seconds. Then it dawned on me that everyone there (excluding the cafe workers) were of the majority gender in said engineering company. So, neutral is good. :upside_down_face:

No idea…

As for a hint on mine, it’s from a 2010 blockbuster movie about dreams. This music was also in the movie:


Piaf! I read her autobiography ages ago. Interesting little bird.

Still a goose egg on the movie, though Is it a chick flick? :wink:

Nah. I don’t think anyone would call Inception a chick flick. :wink:

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Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, ‘I’m Goin’ Home’, Woodstock '69

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Adding this notification sound from iOS per this post:

For anyone interested, Wyze has posted a list of new notification sounds for everyone to vote on.

I’m not too thrilled about any of the sounds though…

Famous female musical plosive. Presumably Kleenex could place it, yes? :slight_smile:

Maybe one day I’ll just have Kleenex write my posts. Maybe I have been. Maybe I have not.

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Remember, Jeepity: There is no ‘outside’ of you.

Yes, father, but when?