No sound when viewing files on computer

I can view the archived video via the app on my phone and the sound is present. However, when I put SD Card into my computer and viewed the video files, there was no sound - just a short cracking sound at the beginning of the video. When I put the videos into Microsoft Movie Maker, it seemed to show sound on the video, but none could be heard.

Has anyone else experienced this or know if I’m doing something wrong? It seems that since they are MP4 files, I should be able to view them on my computer the same as from the camera through my phone.


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Try downloading the VLC media player. I had the same issue when trying to play video files copied from my sd card. the VLC media player played all the videos with the sound on my pc.

Thank you for your response! Were you able to resave the files with VLC and edit them using other software?

How are you wanting to edit the videos? I was only looking to play and hear the audio and video that my cameras recorded to the SD card from my PC. I didn’t try to edit them, but there is a VLMC video editor that should be compatable. <span style=“color: #4d4d4d; font-family: Arial;”>VideoLAN Movie Creator is a non-linear editing software for video creation based on libVLC and running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X! It is free software distributed under the terms of the GPLv2. I would give that a try.</span>

whoops didnt read that VLMC is a project not a program for download yet. Sorry about that. Let me know what you are trying to accomplish and I will see If I can edit mine the same way and let you know.

This is going to sound highly dorky… but I wanted to be able to record my friends and myself watching sporting events and then edit the video so that I could cut unnecessary footage. The cam saves the video as 1 minute videos, but I was able to combine them in Movie Maker - it was fine… except no sound.

Have you tried playing the saved file using the VLC media player? Windows movie editor is pretty unstable but if you were able to export the file it may play in VLC with the sound.

I downloaded VLC and it played the video files perfect with sound. I tried the “convert” option on VLC, but that didn’t change the sound issue on the other players on my computer. I’ll continue playing with it this weekend, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them!

I found a solution to my problem. I googled free video editing software and learned about OpenShot and Shotcut. They both allowed me to hear the sound as well as the ability to edit the video files as I desired.


Can you please help me? I also have no sound. Only when I use the Wyze cam app “playback” function can I hear sound.

However, when I use my android (Samsung S2) tablet there is no sound. When I use my Dell laptop there is no sound.

On the laptop I’ve directly accessed the Micro SD card with the following apps, but none work to play sound. OpenShot, VLC, Movie Maker, Movies & TV, Photos, and Windows Media Player.

Thank you,

Chip I.



OK…I kept trying and on about the 6th try with each of these two apps I got both VLC and OpenShot to play audio. Yea!

I must have clicked something differently or in a different order. Playing video with audio shouldn’t be this hard.

Thanks for the forum help!

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I agree. Video files moved from iPhone to my Windows PC do no play sound on PC Alert and recorded video clips need to play sound on Windows Movies & TV program, without downloading 3rd party programs. If you share a video with someone, then they should be able to play it simply and easily as well. Thank you.


Fortunately I had already installed VLC on my laptop a year ago. The problem is that Wyze video footage doesn’t seem to be able to utilize mainstream video apps which is just another nail in the Wyze coffin as far as I’m concerned, given the number of problems with the product. And their support?.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


VLC or any other 3rd party app is a poor work around. The application should be able to work on iOS and Andriod without modification or needing another player to view and hear it. Otherwise, it’s really useless to download and/or share a video recording.

Wyze, this should be fixed by now. What are you doing about it?


I transferred videos from my iphone to my laptop and the sound is not working. Please help.

I am unable to hear the sound when I bring Wyze video files to Final Cut Pro. I am surprised that Wyze videos are using an audio codec that is incompatible with such a mainstream video editing software!

The only way I was able to play the videos with sound on a Mac is with VLC. But even then, audio is significantly out of sync with the video.

Wyze, please change the audio codec to something that is recognizable by third party video editing software and fix the audio/vidoe sync please!


Hello @rpungin, you might like to head over to this #wishlist topic and vote for it in the upper left.


I just ran into this same issue. I tried playing the video clips on my Windows 10 PC and the audio just crackles at the beginning and then there is no sound on the default media player. Please fix!


But that doesn’t fix the problem when you send it to the Police dept. when they need to see a crime. or sending a video to family or friends . WYZE needs to fix this problem, I would of never bought these had I know of this HUGE problem.