No sound when viewing files on computer

This is a very basic feature and I can’t believe Wyze thought it was ok to have a video but requires the customer to do some extra steps just to hear its audio. I prefer not to use VLC or other free open source software as I don’t trust them. I guess that means I’m f#5k3d.

You probably know there are other discussion threads about this problem, but it may not hurt to start a new one. Yes, it’s frustrating and disappointing - just like the tiny size of the Event thumbnails. Wyze should really help on this, but the cams are still a great deal for the money, Seems their focus is on selling add-on features and new products, for which you can’t really blame them, but wish they’d stick to the basic stand-alone camera premise; and fixing the sound on PC issue and enlarge the size of the Event thumbnails.

Same issue on both CamPan and Wyze V3. No audio using Windows Media and Camtasia.