Playing video clip recorded to MicroSD --> No sound

Using Cam v3 and clips recorded to MicroSD with sound recording ON, I accessed a recorded clip file from Microsd copied to a windows 10 pc, tried to play the video clip using media player the video play but without sound? I checked the volume, the speaker is ON with high volume but NO sound, on the phone when use record and stop and then play there sound, then why NO sound when playing clip recorded to MicroSD?

I have had success using the VLC player. Sounds like whatever player you are using isn’t decoding the audio codec correctly.

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I am using media player on windows 10 pc i tested it on other non wyze video clip and got sound??

I am guessing because the non wyze videos use a different audio codec that media player can decode.

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Try it on media player on window 10

Can’t as I am out and about working right now. But I have VLC installed on all my devices because I know Wyze video audio plays in those.

It’s very likely the MP4 format. You’ll need to download a separate codec pack for it.

I haven’t used Window Media Player in ages. I recommend MPC-BE or VLC.


My very rudimentary understanding of the MP4 file format is that it’s a container capable of storing video and audio stream data in a number of different combinations. I encountered this while trying to help another user with a different issue:

I suspect that this is a related issue and that the media player in Windows simply doesn’t have the right audio codec or doesn’t support the audio/video compression scheme combination that the Wyze camera uses to store its video files. I concur with the recommendation to try VLC or another player.

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You’re welcome. FWIW, an easy way to find and install one or several free and/or open-source applications for Windows at once is Ninite:

You can select the applications you want to install/try, and Ninite will package the necessary data into a single installer that you can download and run on your PC. The cool thing about this installer is that you can run it again in the future and it will update those same applications for you.

I’m just tossin’ that out there in case you don’t want to mess around with (or aren’t limited to) Windows Store/Microsoft Store. I hope you find something that works!

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