1 minute clips from microSD cards: Editing and no sound (sometimes)

Trying to figure out a few things . Windows 10
I have a few minutes of clips from 2 separate V2s that i want to combine into a single clip. They are already on the PC in separate files.
First thing i notice is that the sound doesn’t play if i just use the windows media player. It does work using VLC player.
Any insight on why? ( i want to be able to send these to a few folks who wont have the capability to play with anything other than a built in player in windows.( elderly).

More pressing is…what is the best( and most economical) way to edit and seam these 4 1 minute clips together and have the sound work?
I tried using windows movie maker and the sound does not play.

Sounds like you are using the PC to pull the video clips right off the SD card. The V2 (and probably the V3) saves sound on the SD card in an unusual format. VLC can play it, but many other apps can’t.

Since you are only talking a few minutes of video, I’d recommend you play the scene from the app when the SD card is plugged into the camera. Press “Playback” below the live feed when it is in portrait mode to go to the SD card. Use the timeline below the video to scroll back to the time in question. Then reverse-pinch the timeline to spread it tout, and dial in the exact time of the incident. Then press “record”, record the incident, and press “stop”. The app will save that to your device with a more commonly-used audio format. :slight_smile:

Then send that clip to your PC, if that is how you need to send it to them. Or send it to them from your device. Hopefully you know a good way to do that, because that is a whole new can of worms, lol. Texting it is likely out (can only handle tiny files), and depending on the file size, other apps may also have issues. If you need help there, just say how big the file is that you need to transfer, what device types you have, and if Windows 10 is all they can receive on.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I had in fact already pulled video as you suggested.
The issue is the quality of the video isn’t the best using that method. I am really surprised that the ability to just pull and use watch mp4 video clips is so complicated. I thought these were supposed to be user friendly, what about clips used for law enforcement.
This is disappointing at best.