Pan Cam Sound not working ONlY when I try to save video from sd card to computer

I had a pan cam v2 in my mother’s hospice room. Everything worked fine.
My mother recently passed and i am trying to save the last night of her life from the sd card.
The sound works fine when i view play back from the app while the card is in the camera. When i take the card out and put it in my laptop, i am saving all the 1-hour video files but there is no sound on my computer from the card. If i put the card back in the camera and view playback sound is on and i hear it. Why is there no sound when I try to record on my computer directly from the sd card? Please help.

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I don’t have a solution for you, only an explanation.

First, make SURE you turn OFF the SD Card Recording in the Advanced Settings when the card is in the cam so that it won’t overwrite what is already on the card when you are viewing the video thru the app.

The program you are using to view and play the files on your computer is having trouble with the Audio Codec used by the cam when recording and saving the Audio portion of the Video.

You may need to try another video reader\player to get one that can read and play the Audio Codec of the MP4. Many users have had success with VLC Media Player although I have never used it so I can’t vouch for it.

Perhaps others will post in with a Video Player that is better.

Thank you. I did turn off the recorder first. Luckily, i thought of that or that would been a disaster
Thank you

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I have also used 3 different programs to play the .mp4 files on my computer and none will play sound. its as if sound can only be played if i use the playback feature on the WYZE CAM app.

I am going to inquire w\ some savvy computer users and see if there is a specific program to use.

In the mean time, if you push the Record button while playing back the video, does the sound transfer to the produced video?

I highly recommend trying to use VLC media player. It has been famous for decades for being able to play almost any video as it has most codecs in it. It is free and open source and AWESOME.

If you still aren’t hearing sound, then make sure you hear sound when you play a different kind of video file first. If you don’t hear sound from other videos either, then there is some other problem going on.

I have been using VLC for 2 decades, and it plays the sound in all my Wyze videos when I use it.


Yes,I hear every other video from different sources. These files from Wyze are .mp4. I have many files with that extension. Only the ones from the SD card will not play sound. I have windows media player, movie maker, video editor and none will play the sound from wyze SD card.
Everything else plays fine.
I put the SD card in my pan cam and if I go on the app I I hear the sound in playback. This is driving me crazy.
Now I’ve signed out and tried to reinstall the app and it locked me out. I have the user name and password and now I have tried using 4 different emails and it won’t accept the code they send to sign up. At first it takes it and then when I put in the at least 10-digit password it says invalid? Then if I try again, it tells me wrong security code. This has happened with 4 different emails and now I can’t even log on to see. I am going nuts.