No sound on V2 or Pan

Good morning

I’ve sent multiple logs and initiated many chats with no luck… No sure what’s been happening with Wyze customer service lately.

Recently, my V2 stopped playing sound when I’d view videos off of the SD card via the Wyze app. I have ensured I have audio enabled.

I have a Cam plus subscription to my V2. Out of curiosity, I moved the subscription to the Pancam and now that caused the same issue with the pancam that was working fine just moments before.

Now I’ve switched the subscription back to the V2 and couldn’t view playback at all until just a few minutes ago where I can now view it AND it has sound.

Now my pancam doesn’t have sound upon playback.

Any ideas?

First off, it appears if you are a beta tester, is that correct? What firmware versions are on the camera and what app version are you using on what device? This thread may be moved to a different forum section if this is fact a beta issue.

Support is there mainly for the production side of things, as being a beta user it is known that you are there to find bugs and problems and report them to the devs/engineers.

Some things that I can think of is:

Have you tried live streaming the cams and can you hear audio from the camera when the speaker is enabled?
It’s only when viewing past footage from local storage that there is an issue with no audio? Can you verify that in the effected cameras that record audio in the advanced settings is enabled AND the speaker in the playback screen is enabled when watching footage via playback?
Have you taken the card up and viewed the footage on a computer to see if the audio plays there or it the problem follows the files.

Thanks in advance!

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Good morning

I am a beta tester. V2 version is and Pan is
The app version on my Android is 2.20.50

I’ve tried reporting the information over but the responses and support I get (if any) is canned responses with the typical “reset it and let us know” type support. Except for one chat.

Audio on live streaming is coming across fine.
This only happens when viewing footage from the SD card and the speaker is enabled.

I did view the the SD card on a desktop but there was no footage on it, only still photos under an “alarm” photo. I brought this up to Wyze but was ignored…?

I’ve formatted the SD card multiple times and have tried a new one with no luck along with a factory reset.

If I were to disable beta could it possibly help?

I switched the V2 to continuous record for about 24-hours before setting it to event only. Now I can view footage from the SD card (on the app) with audio, but only if it’s an event.

I’m still having the no audio issues with the Pan cam.

Let me touch on a few of these comments.

When watching from playback there is still no audio? Like I asked earlier, is the “record audio” toggle enabled in each cameras advanced settings?

When this same sd card was in the associated camera And you attempted to view from playback was there any recorded footage? If your local storage is enabled there should be footage on the SD card. I would very much hope your not being ignored, but maybe since you are on beta stuff and things, they forwarded your experience off to the devs/engineers instead of re contacting you.

No luck on getting local storage to save anything, or it saves video with no sound?

It could be a beta issue, and if you’ve sent in logs and tickets then hopefully that made it to the devs to examine. The production app is and should be the way more stable app experience, and Support would have more ability to assist.

What is the “record audio” toggle set to in the pans advanced settings? I wonder if it needs a toggling to say, hey I am here!

Gonna tag in the @mods, to help move to beta section since that is what the trouble shooting here entails. Thanks!

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  1. There is no audio. Record audio is enabled for each camera.

  2. Originally there was footage just with no audio. Then after switching the subscription off and back on there was no recorded footage (despite there being footage from the cloud) and I’d receive a message stating “No video at selected time”. After switching to continuous recording for a while and putting it back to event only, there is footage back on the card just without audio.

  3. No luck with it local to save anything, although now it’s showing video without sound.

  4. I switched it from on to off back to on. We’ll see if that’ll help.

I appreciate the help.

The settings for cloud recording and local storage are independent of each other, and shouldn’t effect one another. For this behavior id say contact support and provide info for a ticket and logs so that the info can be forwarded to the Engineers, but since that’s done, don’t need to worry about it.

The next try for troubleshooting id saw would be to pick a camera, manually flash it back to a production firmware, verify the record sound toggle and local storage settings then try it again. See if the audio returns. If able id say even return your app to the production version to fully be able to test if the problem is in the beta code somewhere, or if it is the hardware of the camera. But my gut on this one says settings issue, settings bug issue, or firmware glitch, and i am not leaning towards hardware problem at this time.

Thanks for the replies!

Any @Mavens running these Beta versions and experienced anything like it? any other ideas? Thanks team!

I’ve removed all beta and downloaded the normal app. When I get home I’ll try to reset the Pan cam to see if that helps. If not I’ll try the flash.

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Hello. I am new in the forum, altho I can say I am an experienced user and Beta-tester.

  1. I have the exact same problem! There is no audio recording on the SD-card on WyzeCam v.2 after the FW update to!
  2. I concluded this is INDEPENDENT of the Android version on the smartphone/tablet since (in addition) I have an Android emulated on a PC with Wyze *.apk version of wyze-2-16-23.apk = still NO SOUND in the SD recording!
  3. I tried to revert the FW of the problematic WyzeCam v. 2 to an older FW version, but managed to BRICK the camera! (I did NOT power it down while downgrading the FW!!!)
  4. I replaced the BRICKED WyzeCam v.2 with a NEW one. Unfortunately, the existing FW on the camera was updated automatically (I unintentionally allowed it) and I could not test the audio with the existing (older) FW, The NEW WyzeCam v. 2 is working now under the FW STILL NO SOUND in the SD-card recording!
  5. I agree that Wyze support and upgrades have become increasingly worse! To accommodate the integration of new devices, functionalities, and systems, engineers have been rolling FW one after another, but while fixing one issue many times the new FW breaks another functionality. I do understand that the engineers are a handful of people and the company lacks the manpower and funds to hire testers, therefore the AFFORDABLE pricing. But when the Beta-testers (essentially, customers) sound an alarm, the engineering Team should take them more SERIOUSLY!

Please help! Sound recording is VERY important for my application!

Thank you for reading this!

It looks like you are using a very old version of Wyze app.

Firmware version 4.x.7.608 uses muLaw audio format which is not supported in older Wyze app version. Instead, older Wyze app only supports aLaw as the audio format.

Please upgrade your Wyze app to 2.21 and above version to solve this issue.


Any ideas why they would do that?

It makes the cameras 100% useless.

@WyzeXuLi you have read through these posts. What’s the deal?

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