Sound not playing

I haven’t gotten around to asking about this, but a couple of months back, my sound on both my Cams’ (Pan Cam and Cam V2, no longer seem to be recording sounds. They still pick up sounds and notify me on it, but I can’t ever play it back to hear it anymore. Seems both cameras started having this issue around the same time.

Even copying over the SSD to the computer, I’m only able to see the videos without any sound as well. Sound is turned on, on the phone and everything, but I can’t figure out what I’m either missing or what may have happened.

Any suggestions?

Here are a couple of possibilities:

It also could be an issue with your SD cards. Are you using High Endurance cards?
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter

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Well both of those are turned on for both cameras. I just tested out if I could hear the “Speak” work with the camera on and both seemed fine. I then left the camera on and a bit later came in, made some noise, etc and it was able to pick up the motion and play the sound and video back like normal (tested on the Wyzee Cam V2, only)

So not really sure why previous sounds are not playing either on the app or when I download them to the PC as it used to be.

I’m using Scan Disk Ultra cards.