No sound in app playback Cam Pan V3

I finally figured out how to play back videos from the SD card in the app but I don’t hear any sound.

Why can’t I get the same features less the cam plus as I have with my V2 pan? It’s confusing to have two different interfaces on the same app for different versions. This may become a total deal killer for me and Wyze.

I bought two Cam Pan V3 cameras. The first one would go offline every two or three days and have to be power cycled. The last time it didn’t come back so I was fed up and returned it. I just set up the second one yesterday so we’ll see if it can stay online. My old V2 does this once and a while but not often and always comes back on.

Verify that you have the toggle for Record Sound enabled at the bottom of Advanced Settings.

Because it isn’t a V2. It actually has more features than the V2. What features are missing that you would like to see? I only know of one feature that is not offered in the PanV3 asside from the Cam Plus Lite.

It is confusing. However the old cams were built with different firmware systems. All the new cams will have the new UI which will probably evolve to something else in the future.

Record sound is checked. No sound on playback in SD menu.

You have to touch the screen and there’s a little speaker in the middle of the screen towards the bottom of your picture and that will turn on your sound


Great observation Dave! I didn’t even consider the sound toggle:

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Thank you :pizza:

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Thanks! That was the answer I needed. Those icons are not hidden on the V2 camera.

All the inquisition may be for naught. This camera didn’t run 24 hours before it went offline and had to be power cycled. It was still sensing and following subjects but showed offline in the app. The other V2 camera was viewable so my network wasn’t at fault. I’m not going to reset it every time I turn around so it may join it’s brother in the return lane.

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Don’t give up on this camera just yet I did read they released a firmware update I have not received it yet on my phone I am waiting… the camera works very well I got it set up tonight to watch SpaceX send up 4 astronauts tonight here in Florida on a time lapse.

This one is offline again tonight. I’ll be damned if I’m going to power cycle this thing every day. Checked for firmware update and it says all good.

I didn’t get the update yet…I’m still waiting

I had cameras offline alot and then I got a new modem and wifi 6 router from spectrum and now everything runs faster than ever and never offline

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You could plug the power adapter into a Wyze plug, and set a rule to power cycle the camera automatically every time it goes offline. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only way for a Rule to accomplish this is by a Shortcut Rule that you manually press to trigger when you notice a cam offline.

There is no way for a rule to trigger automatically when a cam goes offline. The app does not have a trigger for this nor any way to ping and monitor a cam for its online status (yet… They are working on it).

The best that can be accomplished with a Wyze Plug is the Shortcut Rule or for you to manually power cycle the cam with the plug when you notice it offline by turning the plug off for 30s in the app then back on again.

Most Smart Plug users combat freequent offline cams by using a schedule saved on the plug to power cycle the cams for a minimum 30s power off every 24 hours or so. This seems to cut down on offline occurrences by clearing and reloading the Cams memory, preventing memory leak and refreshing its network connection, preventing a stale network assignment.

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