No power to Thermostat

Has anybody had a no power situation hooking up the Wyze thermostat? I was an HVAC technician in my early career and I’m rather familiar with thermostats and wiring. My biggest issue was not having a wiring diagram to follow but just a video. The thermostat that they took down on the video was the exact one I had. Furnace control board was the same as well. Everything hooked up including the C wire adapter but no power on the t-stat when I plugged it in. I have hooked up the old thermostat for the time being and they are going to send me a replacement.

I paid an A/C Tech to install mine and he could not get the thermostat to power on either. I called tech support and was told that they would be back in touch, but no response as of yet.

He thinks that the c wire adapter is not correct or faulty.

Post pix of control board and thermostat wiring

original honeywell theromstat

wiring @ furnace before CWA install

wiring @ furnace after CWA install


Looks correct. Did you remember to put G in the C spot and R in Rc spot on the wyze?

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Too many folks with the same problem.

The A/C tech did the install for me, so i assume he did.

Post a picture of the Wyze thermostat wiring

The app tells you to do that, he might not know that. As this is a new device not many people know how to hook them up.

Unfortunately i dont think he took a photo of that. I’ll see if i can track him down. Assuming his wiring at the furnace and cwa is correct where should the wires at the Wzye thermostat be? Is there a diagram anywhere?

You can pull the thermostat off the base then take a picture of the wiring

I did show him the apps instructions. Assuming his wiring at the furnace and cwa are correct, where should the wiring be at the Wyze thermostat?

He reinstalled the old honeywell after not being able to get the wyze to power on.

on the wyze base:

Rc= red wire
Y1= blue wire
W1=white wire
C= Green wire

Should look like this.


thanks. I’ll give it a go myself and reply back.

thanks. I’ll give it a go and reply back.

Yeah if he didn’t put the G wire on the C terminal that would explain no power. I made the mistake myself, wiring to the G terminal initially.

Just make sure you cut power to the furnace first. 24v wont hurt you, but shorting a wire will blow a fuse