No Longer Recording to SD Card

If anyone has a problem about no SD card issue, check that your Wyze V2 is eligible for replacement .

I realize this is an old post but I just ran into this same problem with Sandisk Ultra on a new v2. Support had no knowledge of this and did not understand my problem. What 32G cards will work with the v2? Thank you

Ps. Amazon recommended the Sandisk Ultra for the v2 which is why I ordered it.

@Hemi Highly recommended 32 GB High Endurance mSD cards work great in the Wyze cams.

Amazon recommended the Sandisk Ultra for the v2 which is why I ordered it.

Edit: I’m actually using a 32 GB SanDisk Ultra in one of my V2 cams and it has been working just fine for 10 months.

Thank you :+1:

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I eventually bought the Wyze SD card and it works well. Same price.

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I flashed firmware to the previous version and the events and continuous recording are now working with the Sandisk Ultra. My other v2 is working fine with the latest version

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Same here, makes me REALLY mad! as I have a camera in my bedroom, and saw my uncle snooping around… while I was at work!!! and can’t see the whole video!

As of 3/14/2022, my Wyze cams no longer record video to the SD cards. They only take still pictures. However, I do get videos from the only (3) cameras that subscribe to the Cloud Plus service. Is Wyze implementing a new Pay-to-Play policy or is this a firmware bug?

The same happened to me too!!!
I recently discovered some things were stolen from my place. and I have F***G videos to check how it happened!!! All my cameras are not recording the last 2 weeks or so to the memory cards. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

It is very frustrating!!!

My v3 stop recording to sd also. I have the local police involved with a theft and the cameras didn’t record.

Can we do a class action lawsuit

Chat help was useless. Told me to reboot router and close the app when this is obvious there is something wrong on wyze side

How many thousand or millions of people think their camera are working as before and recording and are not?

I have the V3 also and can not reformat … in the wyze app on the cam v3 i can reformat and it say complete but did not format it’s still full … put it on my Win10 PC and try to erase it … say it can’t … I would delete each file seperately … till its gone but if I refresh the files are back . I can play them … did it get write protected ? last recording was back in april … didn’t know it was screwed till I needed to see a would be thief … did we get defective cards ? mine is a LEXAR 32 gig

tried the SD Formatter … did not erase … says it did but it didn’t :frowning: