No 5G on the floodlight pro when site and box say it is

Just wondering why the Flood Light Pro is speced on the site and boxed with text saying it is 5G but it is not and on setup I get

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The Floodlight Pro isn’t spec’d on 5G nor is it advertised as such.

5G is a Cellular \ Mobile wavelength reserved for phones indicating the 5th Generation of technology.

The Wyze Floodlight Pro is dual band WiFi compatible. It can connect to both the 2.4 GHz frequency and the 5 GHz frequency.

I have confirmed on my router that it successfully connects via the 5 GHz frequency.


It seems that many “non-tech” people often confuse wifi and cellular signals. You did a good job explaining the difference between them. :+1:

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Thanks. That may be the case for the title of the thread and the wording I’m the post, however the dialog in the screenshot puzzles me.

If the screenshot is from a Floodlight Pro, the warning message indicated should not be present. However, since I can’t see that the phone was logged into that 5GHz network, I can’t be sure that any network can be detected. When installing my WFLP, all available networks were auto populated into the selection list, including the 5GHz networks.


I know that at least one of my Floodlight Pros are connecting to my Wyze Mesh Router Pro on the 5GHz band:

I think one of my other FLPros use 2.4GHz. I believe it just depends on whether on the 5GHz band signal is strong enough for where it is mounted, probably under -70dBm if I had to guess. That is fairly standard.