WYZE Bulb and Plug and 5G Connection

Sorry if this has come up before. I bought a bulb this past week and it can only be configured over a 2G wi-fi connection. I just ordered a set of plugs as well, and not sure if I’m going to run into the same 2G limitation. My home wi-fi is primarily 5G, which I think is pretty much the norm these days. Are there specific reasons why these WYZE products don’t operate over 5G? Once you configure them over the 2G network, does it switch to an available 5G connection? Any clarifications would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


All Wyze products are only compatible with 2.4 GHz networks at this time. 2.4 GHz has further range and the (Wyze) devices don’t need the speed. There’s hardware limitations, so I’m not sure how likely it is that Wyze will change this (it’s also marked as “maybe later”).
Hers a #wishlist them for the support of the 5 GHz WiFi band on Wyze cameras:

(Speed and range based on my experience)


Thank you for responding so quickly.


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