Unable to connect my camera to 5g network

unable to connect my camera to 5g network

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Wyze Devices need to be connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network with a WPA/WPA2 protocol . Wyze Devices cannot be connected to a 5GHz network.

Wi-Fi Support Article


All my internet access are now 5G. That means the camera is useless to me now

So grab a 2.4 GHz AP as a dedicated WiFi. Those are almost throw away items.


You don’t have a 2.4Ghz radio in your router at all?

If you don’t you won’t be able to use most Wifi cameras, plugs, lightbulbs…

A whole lot more than Wyze cameras just became useless to you. Tablets and computers can’t connect either, plugs, leak detectors, lights, Amazon and Google devices security systems etc. By the way what 5G device are you using? As far as I know they all support 2.4 GHz WiFi you must have one I have not heard of yet.

2.4Ghz :+1:

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Yep the keyboard betrayed me! I fixed it. :wink:

I’d be willing to bet his router has both freqs using the same SSID that auto switches, but will favor 5ghz

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I would assume so.
Unless he’s referring to 5G mobile data.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I was wondering that myself. A lot of folks get the two confused and conflated. But if that’s what he means then almost nothing he owns is going to work as very few devices have 5G radios.

Not able to connect my cameras since our internet company switched to 5G only. I am not happy because I have 6 Wyze Cams that are useless to us now. I still have a couple in boxes…

I find that hard to believe, which provider?. I know Verizon has what they call 5G Home internet which they keep trying to sell me but I refuse. It does have a 2.4 GHz ban and a 5.GHz band that have one SSID. Their information says you can change the SSID on either network via the router settings.

5G cellular service has no relationship to 5 GHz WiFi. The 5G in this case only means 5th generation cellular. Your WiFi can still be both 2.4 GHz and / or 5 GHz (and for that matter, the new 6 GHz WiFi).

If you really are saying that the ISP supplied WiFi is 5 GHz only (highly unlikely), you can still install your own WiFi access point that is 2.4 GHz. It would connect to the ISP router via an Ethernet cable. Note BTW that I said add your own access point - NOT a router.

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What is the make and model of the WiFi router they are making you use?