Can I set up cam with 5G ? It says no. So what do I do with a camera that I can’t hook up to my internet 5G ? Help.

Most (but not all) routers are dual band. If so you may have a separate 2.5 Ghz network you can join. But the Wyze devices do not support 5 Ghz WiFi.

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What router do you have. Make and model?

Moving Saturday will have new place new router. Maybe other will work. :face_with_monocle:


I seriously doubt your modem is ONLY 5 GHz - you’d most likely not be able to connect all your other gear (needing 2.4 GHz) to it. (and “Internet” is not 5G or 2.4G : )


He could have a mesh router that is of the cheaper variety that doesn’t switch easily or which I don’t think this is the case because all of my Wyze products have easily connected to 2.4 GHz but my garage door would not connect 2.4 GHz it always wanted to connect to 5Ghz even though it was not 5GHz compatible. It was quite the fight to get it to connect to 2.4 GHz.