My network has changed to 5g

My network has changed to 5g. Are any of my cameras, light bulbs and smart plugs compatible?

What cameras do you have? Most of the older cameras and other WYZE items all work on the 2.4GHz network. There are only a couple of the newer cameras that will work on the 5.0GHz network. Are you sure you only have a 5.0GHz Wi-Fi network???
Smart plugs are 2.4GHZ
Light bulbs say 2.4GHZ/Bluetooth?

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If your WiFi REALLY is 5GHz only and you can not change that, add a second access point that is 2.4 GHz only. Fortunately the likelyhood is that someone you know has one laying around not being used (because they upgraded). Even if you have to go buy one, they are really inexpensive.

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I doubt your network has changed to 5G. It might include 5 GHz, unlikely is using 5G cellular service that your cell phone is.

5 GHz WiFi is not the same thing as 5G. 5G is the Fifth generation of cellular service, not local (usually home) network frequency.

Your Wyze devices are not connecting to 5G regardless, they don’t have cellular radios. And your home WiFi that is likely also 5 GHz is not connecting to Wyze devices.


As explained by the knowledgeable and helpful guys above, There is a difference between 5GHz and 5G Celluar.

What I am guessing happened to cause confusion to you is one of 2 things:

  1. You got a mobile hotspot Router from a phone company like T-Mobile or Verizon and that hotspot router connects to the phone company through 5G Wireless data. BUT it will then broadcast internet through the router in 2.4GHz and 5GHz for other devices to connect to it (laptops, phones, TV’s, Smart cameras, etc). They will connect to the router through 2.4GHz (or 5GHz) and then the router will connect to the phone company internet provider through 5th-Generation Wireless standards (5G).
  2. You bought a new phone that uses 5G mobile data with your phone carrier, and you are thinking that means your phone has to connect to your camera through that 5G connection. That’s not how it works. Your phone still connects to the internet through 5G when you are not connected to a WiFi router, but all your other devices still connect to your home router through 2.4GHz as they always have. Then your home router and your Phone Provider will connect to each other so you connect to your camera through the internet that way. Your cameras will still work the same as they always have before your phone upgrade or your phone plan upgrade. That doesn’t affect anything.

I hope that helps.


I changed everything back to my old network. Thanks everyone for your help