Changed Internet

It was necessary to switch our ISP. On my previous networks I could choose 2 .4 or 5 G. New one does not offer me that choice. I contacted the technician who installed and he had no idea how to connect Wyze cams to their network. All I have is black spots where my camera images used to be. I tried power cycling cameras. Still the same.

If you change the new wifi information to the same as the old, same ssid and same password, will your cameras connect now? If you can’t change that, I’d start with one camera and set it up like new with your new wifi information. If that works you’ll have to install everything like new with the new information.

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I just went through this last weekend after upgrading my internet service which required a new modem. The configuration of my new modem does provide the option to name the 2.4 and 5 networks different from one another, but it is not recommended by the ISP, so I left them named the same as each other. I ended up using a new network name however, since the old network name the Wyze cams were connected to had “2.4” in the name, to differentiate it from the 5 ghz network, and I did not want to leave that in the new wifi network name.

If using a new wifi network name, you’ll have to go around and factory reset each of your devices and re-add them as new devices to your system. Deleting the old ones is not necessary at all, as long as you name them the same, they will simply replace/update the old ones.

The cameras will retain their settings as you had them before. But the bulbs will not retain brightness and temperature, so be aware, unless these are set by your rules. I did not have any other issues with devices following rules afterwards.

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I have my own cable modem/router which has both 2.4 and 5.0. They are on original settings, listed like ABC 16-5G for the 5.0 and ABC -16 for the 2.4. I set up my cams with my phone on the 2.4 then switched to phone back to the 5.0 network.