Switching from separate 2g/5g to combined wifi

Hi Wyze team, I am Carlos. I have been using my Wyze Pan Cameras for a while, but i recently had to switch modem and router at home, they gave me only One Wifi network which is supposed to be both 2g & 5g network in it Instead of 2 separate ones like I used to have. Now the cameras are Not registering with the wifi network and cannot connect. Any great advice or solutions to solve this issue ??

Thank you

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I’d be hard pressed to dance around the bush here :dancer: but what is the make/model of your WiFi router. There must be some way to disable the 5Ghz network while you set up the cams.

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To add to what @dr.know stated, another thing you may want to look at, did you happen to change the SSID or password when you switched modem and router?


To add to what @WyzeJasonJ said: to avoid having to set up the cameras anew, the new combined wifi SSID (network name) will need to be identical to the old 2g network name (not the old 5g network) and the security protocol and password will need to be the same. Otherwise (and maybe even so), you would need to go through the setup process as if these were new cameras.


How about if I call my Internet provider spectrum to see if they can separate the 2g and 5g for me ??

They might be able to direct you on how to do so. Pretty much all of the cable company supplied modem/routers have the capability of separating the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. I would definitely keep the networks separate even after you set up your Wyze products and using the same SSID as your last router for the 2.4 GHz network.
If you know the model or your unit you might be able to find an article or video explaining it online.

I called spectrum and they said they don’t separate the networks which I found odd, they said I can go with buying my own Dual router.

They probably can’t separate them remotely. Do you know how to log in to your router? If not, do you know the model number(it may be listed on the bottom)?

Yes, I checked it, but they don’t give you the ability to separate them, I also looked into it deeper online and other people have had the same problem & ended up buying their own Dual routers, the recent ones from Spectrum don’t allow you to do that. I told the spectrum rep over the phone that this felt like a downgrade instead of an upgrade in my case. I will have to buy my own router.

I also Strongly believe that Wyze should create some type of a software upgrade so that cameras can connect to higher frequencies as time keeps changing and wireless networks as well.

Another good reason to buy your own. Just make sure you purchase one that you can use with Spectrum, they have approved list of make and model on their site based on what speed you want. I have Xfinity (Comi-cast)) and got one that was authorized to use there, they also have a list. I got something simple a Motorola Cable modem/With AC1900 router. It is both 2.4 and 5.0 and has a separate SSID for both, also has 4 ethernet ports.It is good up to 1000mbs, my service is only 100mbs :smiley:

My router offers separate and combined 2G/5G. The combined is a setting that lets the router shift loads between the 2 bands for the most effective use of each. Each band must use the SAME password.
I don’t believe it will shift a client device to 5G if that device cannot use it.
Get into your router settings and look for settings under ADVANCED wireless.
This is a ROUTER function, not the modem from Spectrum.

Thanks to all of you.

I am on Spectrum for one of my internet providers. I requested that they do not enable their WiFi and set the cable modem to bridge mode. My router does all the routing functions, and I have Meraki enterprise WiFi that gives tons of flexibility. I have four access points and have FAR better coverage than I would if I were using their WiFi. I can set multiple SSIDs and each can be 2.4 GHz only, 5 GHz only, or two variations of both.

That’s really Great :grinning:

Wyze has configured their cameras and other devices to work on 2.4 GHz because the coverage is much broader than it is on the 5.0 GHz band


This would require a hardware change, not firmware/software. The antenna in the camera only supports 2. GHz.
More discussion on this can be found on this #wishlist item:

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Thank you all for the info.

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Maybe something Wyze should consider for the V4 cameras when they come out… A dual frequency antenna would be ideal

I work for Spectrum and the info you have received is incorrect. Alls you have to do is log into the router and uncheck the 5G under the wifi tab. Then only the 2.4 ghz wifi is the only wifi coming out of that router.

If you remember the name/ssid and password of your previous network/router before you got the new one, you can log in to spectrum.com or your myspectrum app and change the network name and password back to the previous one, thats what worked for me. Or push the reset button on all your devices and re add them as if you are adding new devices.