Wyze pan cam v2

We have been ‘forced’ by spectrum to use their new modem/router and wifi devices. They have ‘built in’ their 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, so you don’t actually see them from looking at the devices. My issue is that the cameras are all 2.4 and previously there was no issue with selecting that band - now i don’t have a choice :frowning: Has anyone else experienced this and aside from buying my own router/modem/wifi device, anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried installing the camera? It may just work and connect to the 2.4GHz band without doing anything. You might also be able to temporarily disable the 5GHz band while you install things.


I have a single SSID “Merged” network as well. All my router bands are still there, but only one network name shows. The router gets to decide which band the device should be on based on strength of signal (RSSI) and device network capabilities. The benefit of this is if you move around with your phone and the 5GHz gets weak, the router will automatically switch it to the lower band and you will never know it. It’s called Smart Switching.

Your Wyze devices shouldn’t care so long as they have an SSID and PW to use. If they named the new router the same thing with the same password, all your devices shouldn’t need any maintenance. They will log right back into the new router without knowing the mothership was upgraded.

I install devices all the time on my network and don’t worry about what is connected to which band. My phone is usually on 5GHz but has no issues installing devices to the 2.4GHz since both are connected to the same SSID Network.

Since the router can only communicate with the Wyze devices on 2.4GHz, that is where they will be installed. As @WildBill indicated, try to install a device while your phone is connected to the network. Make sure your GPS Location is on so that the app auto fills your network credentials. It shouldn’t have any issues.