5g & Wyze Equipment?

I wasn’t sure where to look.

I have a chance to go 5g.

Can all my devices connect to that kind of network?

In the past, I thought the answer was, No !
Is it still, “No !” ?

I’d rather have 5g. (Can routers convert the signal to 4g?). (I fear a lesson on speed vs band signal coming :wink::innocent::woozy_face:)

But, if they will not work with it.

I will seek out 4g, plans.

I have far too many uninstalled wyze devices (OG cams, Door Lock, Door Bell n others.

I just want to get, this show on the Road.

My apologies, if it is posted somewhere else.


There is only 1 Wyze device that I know of that can connect via the 5GHz Network band… the Video Doorbell Pro. All other Wyze Devices connect on the 2.4GHz band. This is specifically by design.

Most current routers, much like the Wyze Mesh Router, have dual 2.4GHz & 5GHz Network bands that can be configured as a single combined network or split seperate networks. The Wyze Mesh Router Pro adds 6E and a 6GHz band.

There is no such thing as 5G vs 4G on WiFi routers. Those are Cellular\Mobile network technology terminology and refer to 5th Generation and 4th Generation, not band freequency in GigaHertz.

Your cellular plan has nothing to do with Wyze devices connecting to your WiFi network unless you are using a WiFi Hotspot Router for your home network. In this case, the router supplies the WiFi network at 2.4GHz and 5GHz and transmits it to the interwebs via 4G or 5G Cellular tower networks.


Confirm please. Are you talking about 5G cellular service (also known as 5th generation cellular), or 5 GHz WiFi? The two have no relationship with each other. From your later text, I think you are talking about 5G cellular service. That is just how internet gets to your house. Your WiFi access point (often part of your router) dictates 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz vs 6 GHz Wifi.


As K6CCC mentioned, I think there is some confusion here.

If you upgrade your Mobile phone to 5G cellular data, this will not impact your Wyze experience AT ALL. That is just how your phone connects to internet when you aren’t home to connect to your WiFi internet.

If you are talking about changing your home internet from something like Cable internet with a router to a 5G T-Mobile or Verizon Hotspot internet, then they will will provide a router that converts the 5G cellular data connection into a 2.4GHz and 5GHz band for all your normal internet devices to connect to. Almost nothing but phones use cellular 5G, so a router always converts that the normal WiFi bands that every other device uses (mostly 2.4GHz, & 5GHz). So even this won’t negatively impact your Wyze devices.

Whichever thing you mean, it should not negatively impact your Wyze devices.


Thx Guys !

Thank you

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