Wyze sprinkler and google wifi mesh

I have just received my Wyze Sprinkler and it does not play nice with Google Wifi. I have attempted all connection methods referred to with the Wyze cameras including guest networks, moving far enough away for 5 Ghz to be too weak to receive and adding to another network first. I am forced to install a separate wifi router with only 2.4 Ghz in my garage strictly for this device now. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this device to work properly with google Wifi mesh network as there is no way to disable the 5 Ghz band on these routers?

Sadly I am having the same problem. It was able to connect once or maybe twice.
Now it appears offline in the app.
It looks like we will need an “old” router just for that.

Welcome @kevinmo13 and @fabiocouve!
All Wyze devices aren’t compatible with 5 GHz networks. Unfortunately, if your router or access point does not separate the 5 and 2.5 GHz network bands you may have issues.
I don’t believe there’s any plans to add 5 GHz support on Wyze devices as this would require many hardware changes.

Then why do all 5 of my wyze v3 cameras and my 1 wyze pan cam have no issue connecting to the same wifi network? I understand that the devices are 2.4 Ghz, but having both 2.4 and 5 within the network and on the same SSID should not hinder a device from connecting properly. The device should just connect at 2.4 and be fine.
Google wifi is broadcasting on 2.4 and the sprinkler sees the network and tries to connect. The connection is just not successful during the installation. My thoughts on this are that there is something within the firmware that is causing this and I am in hopes that Wyze would try to overcome this with such a popular device as a google wifi.