New Wyze OG Interface

I just got two Wyze OG cameras (not telephoto) and I’m very impressed with the picture quality. I’m not so sure that I’m in love with the interface, though, particularly in having events for the camera listed below the image. Sure, it saves a click if all you want to see are the events for that camera and I would imagine that the interface is based on feedback that you have to scroll through the events tab and all the cameras, select the one you want, or deselect everything else, to see the one camera you want. I also get the “let’s make a fresh, new interface”. However, since it appears to be based on the camera and therefore different for different models (presumably, there are firmware reasons) I find it disconcerting.

The new Pan Cam has a different interface and it has to be; you need the pan controls, but I don’t see why the Wyze OG needed a new interface. My request is that you get to select between the OG interface and the “original interface”.



Wyze is planning on rolling the new interface out to older cams, and all new cams (v3pro, pan v3, and OG) also have this new interface. For the most part, the OG and v3pro interface are almost identical, but the pan v3 needed a small modification to accommodate the controls.

Are you saying you dislike the inconsistency between all the interfaces, or actually dislike the new interface?

It’s kinda an weird phase while Wyze transitions, but I really like the new interface. Wyze is also waiting to roll it out so they can monitor feedback and make changes, so if you have suggestions for the new interface Wyze is listening


I don’t know if it is an app thing or a firmware thing but I would like to see a visible bit rate on the V3 Pro live view like all my V3 and WCO have. I didn’t see it in the Wishlist.

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I got to see the “new” interface with the V3 Pro, and recently with the Pan V3. I have not received my OG T yet. Personally I don’t like the new interface, but I suppose over time I’ll get used to it. It will be better when all of them are back to being the same, so at least you’re not having to remember multiple ways of doing the same thing.

The new Live Stream interface was introduced with the rollout of the V3Pro when Recent Events Video and SD Playback was integrated into the same viewer area along with activated dwell overlays and buttons.

The PanV3 has a very similar UI with the addition of the directional touch pad.

Because the OG introduced the new PIP \ Swap feature, additional customizations needed to be made to accommodate. I am speculating that this is why there are differences in that UI.

I agree, Wyze should place more emphasis on intuitive UI design and standardization. The Customer Experience is in the App, not in the hardware.

Being back the Bitrate indicator!
Bring back the IRNV toggle!


Thanks , voted :grin: :grin:

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Well said and don’t even get me started on Wyze’s perception of intuitive UI design. GUI changes are constantly needed to enhance user experience, but when changes are done purely for sake of change, they fall flat on their “face”.


Took me a little bit to get back here…

To answer the question if my objection is to the inconsistency between camera versions I would say yes. And the response that soon all cameras will have that interface strikes me like the line in Demolition Man “all restaurants are Taco Bell”. I’m not sure I want that but I am a big boy. And, yes, people get used to the changes (but not Taco Bell).

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and speculate that there was at least some discussion of a toggle between interfaces. Might not have been feasible, only so many software and hardware resources available. And certainly for many people the use case is “I’m on this camera and don’t want to page away to see events for that camera and it’s the only events I’m interested in”. It makes sense in that case and it’s well known how much people appreciate fewer clicks.

For me I find that the bottom of the screen is now taken up with a few recent events and some of the things I’m used to see like the spotlight switch or the photo switch that was right there is now the dreaded extra click away.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping me from, as I always have, of going back to home, then events, and looking through recent happenings of the four or five cameras I’m interested in because that’s my use case (a small farm where I care about watching out for the chickens, what critters are running around, and trying to track our feral cats).

I like the old interface because what works for me is either a single, live camera without a lot of clutter, or a list of cameras whose events I care about in time sequence. The new interface does not, at least not yet, offer me anything more intuitive, easier, or quicker so I can see what happened particularly overnight. The Live Feed is important at my driveway, front door, is the dog waiting on the deck to get back in…?, the list of events doesn’t do anything for me for me in those cases.

And I agree with the sentiment that the UI is THE user experience notwithstanding the fact that the OG does hit all the marks intended, I think, back at the price point we love. I do miss the magnetic base and then I got a sticky magnet and back in business.

I very much appreciate how much the developers have been able to accomplish with the limited amount of real estate available on mobile devices. This is no easy task. And if they got solid majority feedback that most users wanted this new interface (which must be the case, right?) then they did their job even if perhaps a solid minority disagree.