Annoying Different User Interfaces Across Cameras

Why has no one talked about the multiple different user interfaces across the different cameras? I do not understand why the same company doesnt have the same user interface across all their cameras. Why does the user have to learn a completly different interface every single time they purchase a new camera? From the different pan cams, to the doorbell and regular cam v2, v3. etc., all different. Why?! Lets work on bringing the cameras together Wyze, and be part of the same company with the same interface. Its annoying and I hate the new pan cam v3 userface because it is the most different out of all the cameras. Theres no need to be different. Keep the same playback button, and the scrolling buttons. Its not hard. Why make things more difficult for your users? Anyone else have the same experience?

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It has been discussed, ad nauseam. It was being discussed long before the new UI was introduced with the V3Pro, PanV3, and OG Cams.

Everyone would like to see every cam on the same UI with the same UI features. However, much of what is driving that UI is the cam’s hardware capabilities, features, and OS platform used to build the FW on the chip . The three cams mentioned above all have a similar UI, but each has its own special spin on that basic design based on it’s unique hardware capabilities.

Since the newer cams are being programmed on a different FW OS platform, and have much improved hardware capabilities, bringing the older cams up to the same UI isn’t always a possibility or a financially sound decision since it would require a total rewrite of the firmware. For some of the older cams, the original chips just can’t support it.

It’s similar to asking Apple or Microsoft to make every prior OS look the same when they introduce a new release. Older machines just can’t handle it and rewriting the old software to look the same isn’t practical.


I fully understand that the newer cams have newer hardware and new features. But you cant tell me its not possible. Not practical? Thats just being lazy. New features are great, but like your analogy of Microsoft and apple OS updates, they push it across all platforms. If Wyze has to update the firmware across all devices, then thats what they have to do. There are multiple ways to add new features and still have the same UI. Again IMO its lazy and doesnt show Wyze’s confidence in their own abilities.

It is possible, it is just in a transitory period. It won’t happen today.

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The main reason I bought V3 Pro was they advertise it has person detection without a subscription. Although it detects people without a subscription, I am very disappointed in the interface. The software is not anything like the cheaper V3 (or pan cam V2), The V3 Pro only gives stationary thumbnails, whereas the standard V3 give you a thumbnail, and you click on it, the video plays and this too is subscription free. In order to play the video on the V3 Pro you need to remember the time stamp on the thumbnail and navigate to it’s SD card and find that time. It takes so much time to find a video on the V3 pro it is not worth it, why would they make this camera work different from all the rest of their line-up? Had I known this, I would not have bought the V 3Pro. Am I missing anything?

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