GUI for different models of cams

I have v2, v3, v3pro and OG cams and they all seem to have slightly different UI.
Is there a reason for that and is it possible to make them use the same UI?


I think they are slowly migrating to a new UI, so hopefully all will work the same in the end.


V3pro and OG seem similar, but even they differ.
OG has pulldown for menu and also has “jump to SD” button.

I was just about to make a post about this, then realized this one already exists. Having so many different UI’s is ridiculous. When is Wyze going to consolidate so that all cameras will look the same?

Also the name on my V3 Pro is cut off even though there is plenty of space to display “Driveway Cam”

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but they like to show you that this camera has the Cam Plus subscription - I believe that is why the icon exists in the wyze cam v3 pro. Also the OG UI looks like the Wyze Cam v3 pro, too.

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Anybody know which UI the Floodlight uses?