Display Bitrate on ALL New Cam UI Live Streams

All other Wyze cams display the bit rate data transfer speed on both the Live Stream and the SD Playback. This is a very useful tool in troubleshooting playback and streaming issues to identify network problems.

The V3 Pro and PanV3 cams should not be the only cams in the Wyze stables to omit this display function. [Edit: Even the OG has it] Bring back the functions that are useful!

Agree… Bitrate is very important for me, especially because right now all my cams are in a remote location with no permanent wired internet service - they rely on a sim card based WiFi router - so the bandwidth is, naturally, limited.

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I agree also. However, I do see the bitrate being displayed on the OG live stream screen. But it is not present during playback.

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Thanks for that post! I have modified the OP.