What is your bit rate?

I have four cameras in operation on my average network.
As of today, they are all working acceptably in the HD mode.
The bitrates are constantly varying but appear to average around 100 Kbs.
As I said, the camera feeds are acceptable, but 100Kbs seem slow.
What bitrates should we expect?

Mine fluctuate also but average about 100

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That’s about right. It does vary depending on how much the picture is changing from frame to frame (among other factors). That does give an idea just how much it is compressed…

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Mine too, with rates about 50-60 for SD.

But keep in mind something huge - Wyze is reporting these as “KB/s” – NOT “Kb/s” or Kbps as is more common. If their nomenclature is accurate that means you have to multiply the numbers by 8 to get the bitrate.

Also the darned thing just reset one of mine to 360p again.

No, you need to divide the bit rate by 8.
It takes 8 bits to equal 1 byte.

No, the point is that the Wyze app is apparently reporting bytes, not bits. Multiply.

Sorry, I see it’s KB/s on the screen.

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Say it isn’t so !?!? Mine do it all the time.
Yet, @TomG will disagree : )

Worth noting this was while verifying high “byterate” capability (HD and SD video, up to 130-140 KB/s) for this thread, without other issue. And yet this happens pretty much every day.

Well, it appears that my byte rate is about “normal”. My cameras have all remained in “HD” mode for over 24 hours, which is a first for me. I haven’t made any system changes and I have 4 cameras “Grouped”.
Am I to assume Wyze made changes? Or, am I just randomly lucky today?

Every since the new app was released it works for me even better than it did before.

Probably the best since December 2019 when buffing was an on going condition.

Only thing for me so far is that after viewing a group of 3 cams and inorder to view another group…it help if I exit the app and try to view that group again.
If not … it can take a bit more time to load the group of 3 cams.

Hope Wyze will leave things the way it is for awhile … I’m hoping ?
…but only a wishfull thinking.