What speeds should I be seeing on a wyzeCam2?

I recently got fiber to the home and am seeing wifi speeds around 400 mb in both directions, The wyze cam is reporting around 100k on one, and the other fluctuates from 80k to 120 k constantly.

What’s “normal”?

That’s exactly normal for a Wyze Cam in HD mode, but please be aware you are comparing different things. Wyze expresses its speed in KB/second (bytes instead of bits). If you multiply that by 8 - so 800 Kbps to 1 Mbps - you can better compare it to your 400 Mbps ISP speeds. In other words up to 400 cameras in your home connecting simultaneously to a remote Internet viewer at HD quality.

Meanwhile on an average home wired LAN you could support about 1,000 cameras at that speed, to a viewer on the same home network.

All theoretically, of course. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

So I went to one of those speed converter things and it says 100KBs is .8 MBS.

Is this correct? A speed of less than 1MB is normal for HD?

Yes, correct, that’s why I wrote you - “800 Kbps to 1 Mbps”.

Keep in mind there are lots of definitions of “HD” quality and that these cameras aren’t pushing more than 10-20 frames per second. 4K televisions would take a lot more bandwidth, for example.

Again, however, be careful with capitalization. Little b is bits and big B is Bytes, usually meaning 8 bits not including overhead. Wyze is using KB/s and most bandwidth is measured in bps. So when you wrote 1MB and .8 MBS you meant 1 Mbps and .8 Mbps. 1 MB/s would be about 8 Mbps. (Still far less than the slowest Ethernet).