SD has higher bit rate than HD

So I recently installed 6 Wyze Cam V2’s and a couple of them seem to have a problem. When switching from SD to HD, the bit rate drops from about 80 kb/s to 20kb/s and the image looks terrible. The 4 other cameras are working as I think they should, with a bit rate about 125 kb/s in HD. All wifi signals are strong, between 87% and 100%. I’ve power cycled through the app and physically pulled the plug, any other suggestions?

I keep all mine on SD. There is almost no noticeable difference in my opinion. Quick question, on the lower upload speeds, are they closer or further away from your home router/wap?

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Here are some examples. The driveway has a lower wifi signal yet the bit rate is higher and the clarity of the image is better.

Ahh I was having this issue. With motion tagging enabled, is the green box pixelated and lags a bit?

Another question are you on cellular or on your internal network?

The one farther away (driveway), has a worse signal, but a higher bit rate and better picture. I’m baffled.

I have motion tagging off. Those screen captures were on internal Network but I have the same problem when viewing over LTE.

Can you turn motion tagging on, on the pixelated lower frame rate one and let me know if it skips and is pixelated itself? I have a feeling it’s what I had.

Yes the green motion box is torn to pieces, can’t even really call it a box.

Can you try to get a screen shot of it? My first camera was like that and im pretty sure it was a bad camera.

I had to exchange it for another.

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This was a video of my bad one. Looks very similar to the one I had.

So 33% of my new cameras are bad right out of the box. I would think quality control would be tighter than that as Wyze seems like a good company.

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I never equated it to officially being bad, but rather than spending hours on it I just exchanged it since I had just gotten it. My other ones were fine, So I assumed it was bad. You can try flashing the firmware, but I did that on mine and it didn’t work.

The cameras are made in China, I’m not sure how Wyze controls the QA.

This might be something that @WyzeGwendolyn might want to mention to her teammates.

Just curious what MAC address are your cameras in question?

2CAA8E1204A3, 2CAA8E104394.
I guess I need to return them through Amazon before the return window closes. Your replacements worked better?

Did you watch the video on the other thread? I have mine send to SD.

Do your other devices start with those MAC sets?

2CAA8E is common to all 6 cams. They are all different after that.

Idk their scheme. Not sure but mine do look completely different compared to the first one.

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@SolarGoat, normally we wouldn’t take this one back since it looks like this Wyze Cam is being used outside (they aren’t weatherproofed). However, that’s a weird issue and we’d love to get this camera back to investigate it.

I know that there are QA checks in China and that more happen when we receive shipments here. But I don’t know much about the process except that we take some Wyze Cams out of their boxes and test their functionality. Sorry I can’t give more insight!



I have one that I installed inside giving the same issue with the green box. Pixelation I understand but the box is another question. When I put another one right next to it, the other one was completely different. Have you had any reports of that?

It also appears that the compression is a bit different making the video almost unwatchable sometimes.

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