Strong Pixelation/Blur Out Of The Box

Good Afternoon Community,

I recently have purchased a new Wyze Cam. Upon opening the box and setting up the camera, it was immediately pixelated/blurred on both HD and SD. I then completed a reset of the device and still had the issue while being right next to the router. I have viewed the limited topics troubleshooting the pixelation and have done everything everyone has recommended. I then took the SD card out of the camera and viewed it directly on the computer. It still appears pixelated. Something to note is at night the pixelation is not as bad but you can see it. I am assuming it’s either a hardware issue, or compression issue. I have opened a ticket and will update the community as it progresses for future issues.

Note this does this on SD and HD.

Another side note: I have ordered 2 more cameras and will be testing them tomorrow evening. If they are okay, I will post a side by side comparison.

Some amount of pixelation is normal due to the compression. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the green boxes pixelate. Will be interested to hear what support says, but this may be a bad camera that needs to be exchanged.

This is one of motion blur. As you can see the green boxes as well as the dog is blurred around the edges.

Update: Since my other cameras work and this was just bought, I am replacing it through Amazon. It appears that it is just a bad camera. How do I close my support ticket through Wyze? Do I send an email saying I would like to close this ticket?

Yes, and email reply will do it.

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Thank you.

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I purchased 3 Wyze cam cameras the last 4 weeks all three are working but 2 of them do exactly what you describe… pixeleration… what can I do?

I replaced mine. Try moving them to different areas and see if it still exists.

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