Pixelated color lines in all images

Hello Wyze community! I just purchased the Wyze Cam from Amazon Canada. Out of the box the images I get are like the photo attached - lots of psychedelic lines and pixelation. This occurs in both lower and higher light. Here is what I have checked:

  • Wifi is set to 2.4 GHz.
  • Blue light is on steady.
  • I’ve tried removing my SD card and also doing a factory reset like it mentions for this other topic related pixelization: V2 cam is Pixelated out of the box!
  • Tried by SD and HD
  • yes the plastic film is removed from the camera

Are there any other settings I can try or is this just a dud?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, I think you got a bad camera.


Thanks Rick. I’ll return/exchange and hope I get a non-dud… happy new year!