Deviced that can blur out people on my camera

Im not tech savy but are theor any electronic devices that can blur out someone trespassing on my property?We caught a gal but whem looking at wyzes cams she was blurred out and Pixelated so bad you couldnt make it out… wondering if shes been on our property many times before but we couldnt see her on Camera.

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It could be possible if they have a wifi jammer on them that is causing your wifi speed to degrade and the camera auto-switches to low quality mode to compensate.

Just witnessed this today myself. I am hoping it’s not a new “feature”. It only blurs objects if it identifies them as a person. The rest of the shot is clear. Sort of works against the purpose of the device entirely I’m my opinion. Long time user and wyze supporter here, but aren’t these cameras supposed to be for security? If say I have someone coming in my yard all the time and damaging my property how are we supposed to prove to the police who the person is if their face is blurred out? Seems to just be on the wyze v3 cam right now for me. My original doorbell cam doesnt blur people out.

Wait…is this real? Are these cameras now deliberately blurring faces when it identifies something as a person?

Could be a glitch I guess.

Can you provide a photo or video sample? What type of lighting conditions are you seeing this in? Time of day? How fast was the person moving? Adding more context to this will help determine what occured. Thanks in advance!

@GuitarMan , can’t determine the cause yet with the lack of info but could be the movement of the person with the camera frame rate, time of day, area lighting, etc at play. We’ll have to wait for @whoopr4 to provide more info and visual aids to see what occured here.

I have one V3 and 4 WCO, V3 is on cam plus and the 4 WCO on CP Lite and they don’t blur any people out, raccoons either :upside_down_face:

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Good to know it’s not on purpose!

I have attached a video of myself walking. The blur seems to follow me somehow.

1644378141.mp4 (4.66 MB)

looks to be standard motion compression artifacts. the non-moving parts of the image don’t need to update as frequently, so they appear clearer than the moving object. if you stood still, the blur would disappear.


I agree, You can also see it at the neighbors driveway when the driver takes their foot off the brakes. For a split second that area is blurry then gets clear again. Also the lighting outside looks to be starting to get dark and the camera is only recording at 20 fps is proboly playing a part in this as well

That’s odd, I’ve never see that happen before. I watched a video 30 minutes before that one of a car driving past and it was clear.

Was it more light out instead of approaching dusk? how was the rest of the picture compared to the one posted above?

Yes there was more light out. Guess dusk is what does it.