My wyze cam is showing blurry

My wyze cam started showing blurry after update

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It would help to know what Cam model, what Firmware version, what App Version, and what Video Resolution the cam is recording in. Additionally… Blurry in the Live Stream, the Events Viewer, the SD Playback, or on Wyze Web View if you have Cam Plus?

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My V2 camera has also started to show pixelated video while being in HD after I recently updated the firmware to current version The app version I’m using is v2.46.0 (0368).
It shows pixelated images when the objects are moving and it happens while watching live feed and recorded clips from the cloud and microSD card. Before the update, this didn’t happen.

I don’t have a V2 cam to test this but I am sure another user reading this might be able to test it.

Do you have the Hardware Decoder enabled in the App Settings?