Motion blur

I’m experiencing quite a bit of what I would describe as motion blur when viewing live video. Does anybody have an idea whats causing this and how to prevent it? Attached are a couple of screen grabs to illustrate the issue.

  • I, and others I know, have motion blur or smearing with the Wyzecam app and V2 cameras. I see many other similar reports in reddit, and various reviews, but nothing else in this forum. Many seem to think it is camera related as they talk about framerate, bitrate, etc.
  • However, I found that the tinycam monitor app plays video perfectly without motion smear or blur, so I suspect the real problem is with the Wyzecam app.
  • The tinycam monitor free app works great with Android 5.1 but locks up or freezes the app with Android 4.4.
  • I am curious if others have similar results.

I have noticed the same thing. Looking forward to Wyze addressing this issue.