All was fine and then the choppy stream happened

Well, I successfully have installed just two cams at this time. One V2 and one Cam Pan. My video feed was almost perfect in SD resolution with only a few milliseconds of delay. Then I installed and set up Tinycam which worked the same way time wise until I signed up for the Tinycam Cloud service on just the V2 cam. Then the video became very choppy on both of my cameras. Even the clock is doing it and that in itself is baffling. I tried changing to 360P mode and the cameras got a bit faster but both cameras are still very choppy.

I searched this forum on this but did not find any current threads on anything like this. Any help would be appreciated.

On which app did the video becomes choppy? on Wyze app or on Tinycam?
Try to disable the Tinycam Cloud service and see if it improves.
Are you recording continuously or only on motion detection?

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It was doing the choppy thing on both apps. I am on continuous recording mode. No motion detection is on.

Now all that being said. The choppy thing was happening last night. I had just turned on Tinycam before writing this and the choppiness is gone and it is also gone in the Wyze Cam app as well and I am back in SD mode also.

The time is showing a smooth steady stream as well but I am noticing what looks like a pixel shift effect on the front porch cam feed or it looks like a slight auto exposure continuous adjustment. I don’t mind that so much or at least not as bad as the choppy picture. Thanks for your input and questions.