Lag/choppiness only in fullscreen

Hi all! I recently updated the firmware on one of my cams (WyzeCam v2) and, ever since, the feed is ridiculously choppy but only when I view it fullscreen. Before the update, this was not an issue at all.

Weird thing is, my wife can view fullscreen from that camera without any issue at all on her phone. It’s frustrating because, without the feed in fullscreen, my phone’s display turns off after a few mins (as expected) but we use the camera to monitor our 6 month old while she sleeps.

I have an LG v20 running Android 7.0 and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy s7 also running Android 7.0, if that matters.

Any ideas?

I can also confirm that this is an issue. Tried on both Wyze V2 and Wyze Pan. Both are choppy in fullscreen but fine when it is not full screen. I have tried HTC 10, LG G5, and Asus Zenfone Laser. The video will be choppy for about 5 seconds before it would just stop working and I’d have to force close the app before I can do anything else

Have you tried switching from HD to SD or even 360p. If that resolves it, that would indicate a data rate problem.

Just tested the HD and 360p from SD. The default was SD and I never bothered touching it. The issue still persists with HD and 360p on both the V2 and Pan on all 3 devices

Issue still persists. I’m using a Droid Turbo 2 on Android 7.0

Enable hardware decoding under my account on the app main screen and the issue should go away.

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Enabling hardware decoding fixed the choppyness for me.

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