Wyze Cam Pan v3 Slow in Live view

Something happened since the last App and/or firmware update. On my Android 7 tablet if I view one of my Cam Pan v3 cameras, the video is slowed and eventually gets further and further behind in time. Voices and sounds are also lowered in pitch. BUT, if I’m viewing a group of cameras in the Wyze app, they all stay in sync with the time.

I get the same sort of issue using the Tinycam app, which leads me to believe it’s maybe something with the camera firmware . Again, watching video from the group view (also in Tinycam) this does not occur.

Nor does this occur with any of my Cam pan v1 or v2 cameras.

This appears to happen only on my Android 7 tablet, but not my Android 12 phone. It started occuring after the last App and/or Cam Pan v3 firmware update (I don’t know which)

Note: This post is not an invitation for suggestions to get a new and/or upgrade my Android tablet. The App is in the Play Store and supports the OS, so it should just work.


On your Android 7 tablet try going into Account (lower right of app) → App SettingsEnable Hardware Decoder and change it from off to on (or vice versa). Let me know if that helps at all.


Thanks Jason!

I had thought I had already tried that the other day, and the setting didn’t seem to make a difference. So this time I changed the setting (Enabling Hardware Decoding), closed the app, and force-stopped the app in the background. Upon restarting the app I verified that Hardware Decoding was still enabled, and pulled up one of my cameras. Delay gone!

To recreate the problem, I turned off the setting, force stop the background app again, and pull up the video and the increasing video delay returns.

I remember trying hardware decoding some time ago, but I turned it off because it makes zooming into the video a little wonky.

Anyway, I think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it. At least partially. Why is the issue not happening without hardware decoding when watching video in group camera view?

Also, I may have been (partially) wrong about this also happening in Tinycam app. Regardless of the video decoder settings in Tinycam (and yes, alao stopping and restarting the app after changing setting) the video in Tinycam is not delayed as in the Wyze app. BUT, the audio is slowed. But Tinycam is outside the scope of Wyze app behavior, so I’m not sure about that here.

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I also have an older device that uses Android 7.

My understanding is that the difference you noticed is because in a group it actually streams at a lower resolution using the second stream at 360p because it is sharing the screen with other cameras at a smaller scale. This helps ensure it doesn’t overload the device functionality or someone with limited bandwidth or hardware concerns. But when you stream it singly it wills stream on the primary stream in HD.

Some older Android devices like our devices on Android 7 function better with the Hardware decoder turned on for the HD streams, but I suspect that if you turned the resolution down to 360p on the live stream you might be fine without the hardware decoder on.

I think this is one of main reasons why Wyze still includes the hardware decoder setting in the app. Most newer devices do better without it, but Wyze still wants to still support older devices as long as possible, and so this setting helps the Wyze app to continue function streaming well on older devices like our older Android 7 devices so Wyze can still allow it to show up in the Play store to work for us on those. :+1: It’s nice to have that option when it is needed.

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That’s a very good explanation. As a test I turned off hardware decoding and went back into the live view and set the resolution to 360p on one of my Cam Pan v3’s. No slowed video.

But a couple question remain in my head. Why does this issue not occur with my Cam Pan v1’s or v2’s? Also, this didn’t used to happen (at least to me) until relatively recently (perhaps the last app or camera firmware update).


Very good questions. I suspect you are right wondering about the recent firmware and App updates being involved.

I am fairly wildly speculating here and not speaking on behalf of Wyze, but in some public discussions (AMA’s, Discord Lounge, etc), some Wyze employees have indicated that Wyze was adding things to the cameras to help them process events and notifications quicker. For example, for people with cam plus, they implied that some cameras will now tentatively look for AI detections locally, and pass that on that preliminary detection to the cloud AI for more accurate analysis, allowing it to process a particular frame more quickly and send notifications quicker. If that is the case, I would not be surprised if this uses up more of the camera’s local resources, and thus more of the streaming processing gets pushed to the app in some way, or maybe the app needed to be updated in a way that the software decoding was more efficient for newer OS’s, but not the older Android OS…thus the Hardware accelerator switches it from a software decoder (which is catered toward newer Android versions) and allows the Tablet hardware to make up for those inefficiencies that were newly programmed into the app.

There could be many explanations, but those are 2 that come to mind off the top of my head. Again, I am just wildly speculating here, but those seem like reasonable explanations given what you have experienced.