Live stream grid is useless, and other issues

I just set up my cameras yesterday and either some or all cameras are delayed by at least 20 seconds, the image is frozen or the app crashes. Ive never gotten a notification, and when there is actual movement the feed stutters. This is on a moto e5 on 8.0.

On my Nokia 7.1 on 10 I’m having issues with what I’m typing not scrolling, so right now I can’t see what I’m writing untill I ex out of the keyboard this happens with replys as well.

Is this futile? Should I just return them?

Well I was going to start by telling you that enabling hardware decoding in the app made all the difference in the world for me, but apparently they’ve since removed it.

Maybe rolling back to a more ancient version of the app that allows the hardware decoding switch could help you. The other suggestion is ensuring the cameras all get a really good wireless signal to your router. Oh, and turn them down to SD instead of HD, couldn’t hurt.

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Hardware Decoding was removed but I believe has since returned

It’s available in beta v2.10.71


"Customer: - I went “all in” on the gamble that the SW Developers wooed have enough personal pride to make good on the basics. I am from the same culture and know the infatuation with “perfection”:… It does indeed look (by my own expert insights) like they found a way to use the SD Card and HW acceleration in a transparent way - probably I am surmising by making a 32 bit SW interface “wrapper” to 16 bit services (an old practical way we used to use “in the day”). Data play back is getting progressively better - much fewer crashes too in basic event (20 sec) playbacks. Someone on staff is to be commended - a superstar who “gets it” and is doing some good work - unrecognized. God Bless him since whomever it is is competent and conforms to the old credo - do the right thing.

The app is improving quite a lot in basic core stability of late…Keeping fingers crossed what whoever is the silent conscionable genius doing the good tweeks stays on with Wyze and makes them world class Hope this person’s influence endues whomever he is - It’s either an “old school” guy who knows the score or a young guy who has picked up the culture from his elder mentors ans is here to stay for the long haul, Bravo, This is VERY encouraging.